About Me

Hello and welcome to my own little space on the Internet. 

If you haven't been following me for long or if you are new around here then you have come to the right page. I'm Alice, a mum of a little boy, a pug owner and from Yorkshire, I created 'Little Talks' which was once known as 'Adventures of Wonderland' back in November 2013  from a small room in a halls of residence at University. I wanted to escape the world of lectures and assignments and create a little piece of me where I could express my passions, views and opinions. 

Little did I know that a good few years later, a new name and face lift I would still be here and being as creative as ever. 

I adore taking photos whether it be nature, beauty products, fashion or my little pups Lenny and Bo and sharing them with you all through my social media channels and blog. This is worlds away from my day job as a Social Media Executive in a PR Agency, don't get me wrong I love my day job but it is nice to be able to bring out my other passions in my free time. 

After my name change, the idea of creating a YouTube channel became an option that I was extremely interested in; yes I was so nervous to take the plunge but I could not be anymore happier to have listened to my gut and taken the leap. 

I guess I should stop blabbering on before you get bored and go enjoy my little space on the internet. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy making it. 

Alice xx

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