I have really struggled when it comes to accepting my postpartum look and styling it, particularly in those early days. I found myself in a weird phase, obviously my pre baby clothes weren't going to fit but some of my maternity clothes didn't quite hit the mark either. 

From previous conversations I've had with people and what I've read from others on social media was that they felt like they had lost their identity post baby, I was always a little confused and thought I won't be like that - shock, I was and still sometimes am. 

It has taken you nine months to grow an actual human inside of you, you're body has been put through so much with skin stretching, organs pushed around and then the physical and how demanding it is to give birth, no matter if you've had a wonderful natural birth or an emergency or chosen c-section. (I'm trying not to add any negative connotations as you may be reading this with the impending due date looming. It is hard don't get me wrong but I would honestly do it all again and so many others do.) 

I'd say it's like a click of your fingers and you're body is expected to revert to how it used to be pre-baby; now we all know it may never be the same as what you were used to but that's perfectly ok. I had this stomach which looked bloated but wobbled (the weirdest sensation ever), I had deep red stretch marks across my hips, tops of my thighs and my lower stomach but these all tell a very special story. I gained three stone throughout my pregnancy and probably a little after I gave birth due to eating a lot of food; it was Christmas after all! I realised that a quick bounce back was not on the cards to me and it would take me a while to lose the weight, slowly but surely it is happening. 

I found it quite hard to feel myself, my pre-baby clothes were still packed away as they were waaaaay too small and my maternity clothes just didn't quite fit right. Some of the trousers/jeans wouldn't budge past my thighs and then the over the bump fabric didn't have the huge bump to support. So mu wardrobe had gone from quite the selection tin to around five items that were on rotation. I refused to order new clothes at first, as I mentioned earlier, I was adamant that my body would bounce back quickly, so I wasn't going to waste my maternity pay on items that would only last a few weeks to a month. 

Four month postpartum was when I started to feel a little more comfortable in myself, I knew what clothes suited me so I was happier in picking up one or two bits. I was conscious in what I bought, the midi/tiered dresses are extremely flattering to a whole host of body shapes which meant I could get these dresses in my usual size and I knew they would see me through a number of seasons and my changing body shape and size. 

I'm currently six months postpartum and I feel more like me and what I was pre baby. Yes, my body is a completely different shape, I'm still two to three dress sizes bigger but I can happily accept this and don't feel a huge need or rush to get back to what I was pre-baby. There's still times when I look at. myself in the mirror or try certain items on that I don't like what I see but then minutes later I'm like, life is too short who cares what others think, wear what you want to and be proud of what your body has just done. 

Alice xx