Well it's happened, I have hit that stage in blogging where I am suffering with writers block and its proving a nightmare to get out of it - doesn't it always! 

I know everyone in all walks of life suffer with it on more than one occasion so I know I'm not alone here but it's super frustrating when I had finally found my flow then suddenly I find myself sat staring blankly at my laptop. I've experienced it many times in the past and with it being such a pain to deal with at times, moving on has proved extremely difficult and I have ended up taking such a hiatus from my blog for months on end - once I've hit that point there' just no turning back. Well, there is but just not easily. I don't want to be giving up that easy this time around. 

There's currently a few questions niggling at me with where or how do I move forward from this writers block, it's not like the ideas aren't there, they are but when it comes to physically typing up blog posts I suddenly hit a blank and think it's not me anymore or you may find it boring. 

I've changed so much as a person this last year (how many times do we say this?!), mainly down to becoming a mum and it has left me questioning what I want my content to look like and if I steer in a certain direction, will I become un-relatable to my current audience? I know there's so many of you out there that will be interested in motherhood and similar topics so I will be opening up a door to a whole host of new readers but it is sad to know you may not find me interesting anymore or you're not in the same stage of life which is OK. I guess you can see the predicament that I am in haha. 

So how do I or anyone else with writers block or lack of creativity move on? 

Let's start with the simplest solution - move yourself away from the situation/work. Step up from your notebook/computer/phone and leave the room to grab a drink, snack or step out in the fresh air for five to ten minutes. It could be just a small lack of concentration as your brain is tired from overthinking or second guessing yourself. 

Or you may need a bit more time away from the situation that's left you with writers block. For me I've spent a good few weeks picking up my laptop, start typing and then instantly deleting it, so I decided that I wasn't in the right head space for this and found creativity in other things such as trips out, playing with my son or even cooking and cleaning which will take my mind off what I was working on. Now, I'm kind of back with a post on suffering with writers block and all of a sudden my creativity is flowing and my writers block seems to have disappeared. 

Don't beat yourself up over it, everyone suffers with it from time to time. You just need to tell yourself that you need to break away from it and come back when you're ready. For me I need to decide on what content I want to work on moving forward. 

You'll always get there in the end :) 

Alice xxx 


  1. It's hard isn't it? I try and take a step back, relax and go back to it another time. Xx

    1. It's so hard. That's a really good idea, as mentioned in here, if I take a step back I end up disappearing for months x

  2. I struggle with the parenting content too! I just try not to make every post about parenting so there's still something for everyone.

    Corinne x

    1. I agree, at some point I'll be able to find that balance xx

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