Last week we finally got the chance to have our very first family staycation at Saltburn By The Sea. It was the most amazing week with the most incredible memories to cherish; exactly what the doctor ordered. 

We booked an apartment through Host & Stay, they're based all over the UK and had plenty accommodation across the coastal towns in North Yorkshire suitable for a host of different requirements. We picked an apartment which would be suitable for dogs as we were unsure if we were taking the two fur babies (which we decided against taking them for various reasons). It was pretty central with a two minute walk to the cafes, restaurants and supermarket and a five minute walk to the beach. Plus it was a half hour drive into Whitby which was one of the main reasons why we headed to North Yorkshire. Once booked, we soon realised it was above a pub and typically the week we went was the first week you could venture inside hospitality, however we really did not need to worry as it was lovely and quiet. 

The decor and aesthetics of the apartment was dreamy, definitely my kind of vibe with the interiors and I now want to re decorate some rooms in our house. As apartments go, it was extremely spacious with two decent sized bedrooms, with one featuring the coolest bunk beds, one luxurious bathroom and an open plan kitchen and living room. This was so helpful as we pretty much packed everything alongside our kitchen sink; travelling with babies is not that easy haha. It definitely was a home from home. 

We were extremely lucky when it came to the weather, despite the reports saying 80% chance of rain everyday, we were only caught out on the penultimate afternoon and the day we were heading home. In fact, on one of the days we were basking in 20 degree heat on the beach. 

Our main reason for a staycation in North Yorkshire and on the East Coast was to visit Whitby, along with having family members that live there, we just love what the seaside town has to offer with the quirkiness and gothic feels. However, we know that there are stunning seaside towns right along the East Coast that would be perfect to explore on our staycation. 

We picked Saltburn By The Sea as the area we would live at for the week, its a stunning seaside town with ample beach to stroll along with the tide not coming in until much later in the day. The only downside was, having a pushchair or if you were to have a wheelchair, it was not easy to get down to the beach, you had to make your way a very steep and winding road which is a killer to walk back up. There are cable cars to take you down but they were closed off which I think was down to covid than them being broken. I just loved the fact that when you went for a stroll on the sea front every morning the sea was a surfers paradise. 

Each day we ventured out of Saltburn to take in the sights of other smaller seaside towns like Sandsend, Staithes (another ridiculous hill to get down to the beach), Robin Hoods Bay and not forgetting Whitby itself. 

I find Whitby is so lovely but extremely busy, even when we went on a Tuesday in the middle of term time at schools. The beach however was lovely and quiet, we set up camp with our fish and chips before building sandcastles for the first time with Wilf. Although watch out for those pesky seagulls as they've got an agenda and let me tell you, they are beasts - bigger than my two pugs for sure. 

We've visited Whitby quite a bit and on previous visits we have found ourselves completing the town after an hour and we've never really been the people to just go and sit on the sand - well that and the fact we've always gone when it's raining. However, visiting the seaside with a baby is so different, you find yourself viewing the areas very different and you see the magic in everything! 

It really was the perfect week away, being beside the sea really is special and for some reason it helps take all your worries away. I'd highly recommend staying at Saltburn By The Sea, especially if you're travelling by car, you can hit all the other seaside towns within 15/20 minutes. If you are heading to North Yorkshire, I'd put some time to one side into researching the different areas as you can find some hidden gems. 

Have you managed to book a staycation? 

Alice xxx



Over the past six months I have started to become confident in my own skin and overcome the fear of leaving the house without any make up on to now being happy to be out and about bare faced.

It has been a long time to get to this moment and I can't believe it's taken three lockdowns and having a baby to finally realise that I'm happy with my face, yeah there's quite a lot of imperfections but who cares, pretty much everyone will have something they're uncomfortable with. Looking at it now, I don't believe it's down to caring what other's think of me, it's more about not being so harsh on myself, I've zero time to worry about these things as my priorities have changed. I mean, look, I've just shared a photo of myself on the Internet without wearing any makeup - who even am I?

Since I was a teenager, maybe even younger, I have suffered with bad acne. It got so bad that at one point I had to see my doctor and was prescribed some medication to try and help; this ranged from mild antibiotics as my immune system was too weak to fight them to different types of gels and creams. This resulted in wearing make up six or seven days of the week, mainly if I was leaving the house. I'm talking a heavy duty foundation and a mix of concealers to try and mask the breakouts, it didn't even matter if I would be only visiting family, I had to wear make up. 

As I've got older, my hormones have stabilised alongside my immune system and I don't need to be reliant on medication, I use skincare to maintain and/or help the breakouts. Still, I felt the need to wear make up religiously - well six out of the seven days as I'd allow my skin to breath for 24 hours at the weekend. However, it has all changed since the third lockdown and becoming a mum. Actually, I will put it down to being lazy more than anything and with my breakages being around my nose, chin and cheeks which can easily be hidden when wearing a mask. It has lead me to being way more comfortable in my own skin and it's made me realise that I now wear makeup because I like it and I want to create different looks, not the fact its for others and to hide my spots. Did you know, I can count how many times I've worn makeup since New Years Eve 2020 on both hands? 

It's mad to think it has taken something as serious as a pandemic and having a baby to make me realise this. I'm still nowhere near perfect and I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to the right skincare for me but I wanted to celebrate this moment and hope that I can inspire others to feel comfortable in their own skin too. 

Alice xxx