Buying a gift for a newborn or new parent can be tricky; there's always that worry that you're going to duplicate a gift or you just don't know what is suitable as you haven't experienced it yourself. I mean there's so much to choose from, especially when it comes to clothes, they're all just adorable. When I was buying gifts, I'd 100% pick ip some cute clothes whether they were practical or not and more often than not, they'd be in newborn or 0-3 months. 

Since having my own baby, it has really opened my eyes up to understanding what is the best gifts to receive, and they don't all have to be a physical gifts to hold or even cost a lot. That may not sound exciting but to a new parents it could be a godsend. 

1. Nappies 

You might be laughing at me here reading this, but babies poop and wee a lot! At times we've gone through two to three nappies in one go as they like to shock you and do a wee during nappy change, not the one when you're half asleep at 2/3am. Any new parent would be extremely grateful if you came loaded with a few packs of nappies; just make sure you find out what brand and size they use. 

2. Formula 

Some mums may be breastfeeding so it's worth knowing this beforehand. But for those new parents who are bottle feeding, ask them what brand they use and when you next visit them and their bundle of joy, take a tub or two of the formula they use. You go through so much formula, it's always handy for having the extra stock in the cupboard. 

3. Rockit 

This crazy invention is heaven! 

Whoever created it needs a million awards thrown at them. I didn't know it existed until my sister and brother in law let us borrow theirs. This contraction is only small, but it attaches to prams, Moses baskets and bedside cribs and vibrates to mock the rocking sensation of what any parent would usually do to settle their baby. They can come up quite pricey so it's worth shopping around until you can find a decent deal. 

4. Clothing in bigger sizes 

Okay, I know what you're thinking, I have just said there's better gifts than clothing and to some degree that is true. However, it is always useful to buy something in a bigger size as the parents or parents to be will pretty much have newborn and 0-3 covered but may not have started on 3-6 and 6-9 months. One thing to bear in mind if doing this is to figure out what season it will be when the size is suitable; there's no point buying a knitted jumper when it will be summer when they turn that age. 

5. Freezer Meals 

This is more for the parents than baby - obviously! If you turn up with a couple of freezer meals then your friends/loved ones will be so happy. Sometimes in the first few weeks, cooking meals can go out the window and who wants to head out to a supermarket with a newborn (I can't speak, we ventured to our supermarket four days after giving birth as I wanted to go somewhere at that was easy). 

6. Baked Treats 

It doesn't even need to be homemade, shop bought is just as delightful. It doesn't even need to be baked goods; chocolate, crisps or biscuits will be just as good. That little pick me up might be just what the new parents needs especially after a night of no sleep. Again, these could be dropped off by the front door, they don't need to be especially for a visit. 

7. Coffee 

This can go down so well! New parents always love a good cup of coffee after a sleepless night, can always be decaf if the new mum is breastfeeding and unsure on how much caffeine they want to consume. You don't even need to do it when you've got a planned visit, a quick ring of the bell and a coffee on their doorstep is such a lovely gesture. 

8. Offer to do jobs 

Something that costs nothing but is priceless to any new parent is the offer to do their washing, hoover up or just do the odd dust around. These things can get pushed to one side when you're fresh out the hospital with a newborn. They may say no, but if you just head to the kitchen and wash the pots they will be so happy that it's one less job for them to worry about when they've managed to get the newborn off to sleep. Although, there's always that line you don't want to cross where it could sound offensive if you're hinting that their house may be a mess. 

9. Walk the dogs 

It may sound silly to you but if they have a dog, offer to take them for a quick walk around the block. Those few minutes of sitting around in the house with all their attention on their little bundle of joy without the guilt of knowing their firstborn (pooch) hasn't had their daily walk. 

10. Coffee and Gossip 

Something that everyone is used to doing at some point during their day, but for any new parent its maybe something they're missing out on in the early days. Particularly when the other parents has gone off to work or if they're a single parent, there's only so many gurgling and high pitched noises you can cope with before going stir crazy. This more so now we are coming out of lockdown! 

If you know of someone who's due to have a baby soon, I hope this blog post has been helpful. As mentioned earlier, these are things that I would have never thought of until having my own baby even though they're so obvious. 

Alice xxx


  1. I appreciate this as I now know what's good for expectant/new parents -- thank you for sharing this, I've made a note of your ideas!