Shall we discuss maternity styling?! 

Ok, I know I'm no longer pregnant but I am very passionate about this topic. I wanted to discuss my journey of styling my changing body, growing bump and what I actually think about maternity fashion- you really don't want to be clicking away! 

It's fairly easy to "hide" a bump in the early days, to be fair I barely had a bump until I was around four months and even then I just looked like I had one too many packet of crisps. It is so easy to get carried away with the idea of needing a brand new wardrobe and discovering what your favourite celeb or blogger wore during their pregnancy. Yes it is fantastic to get inspiration as that definitely helped me but personally, I couldn't justify spending a fortune on clothes that I'd wear for a few months and then throw into the back of my wardrobe just incase I had a second child - let's face it, we all know the items would be out of fashion by then. 

Not only that, but I actually found maternity fashion quite bland and ridiculously expensive. Zero shops stocked them in store (although heads up, Asda and Primark currently have a maternity range in store) so it was difficult to know what suited and fitted you. The amount of trips I had to make to the post office in the middle of a pandemic because all the items I had to order online weren't suitable or didn't fit was ridiculous. 

Every top seemed to be stripy or have the wording 'mama' plastered across the front - original! Season after season the collections still seem to the exactly the same but the odd dress or jumper will be thrown in. Even the celeb collaborations you see with certain brands always showcase the exact same pieces but may follow a different colour scheme. You're pregnant, not losing your sense of style or personality. 

I made the decision to only purchase a few essential maternity pieces that I knew I would wear daily and throughout the nine months. After that you can size up in non maternity pieces but find items that will grow with your bump and also what you can wear postpartum too. 

Here's my three go to maternity items you need in your wardrobe: 

1. Jeans - there's no way in hell you can squeeze your ass into your regular fit even if you size up. It's all about the super comfy fabric waistband that either sits under the bump or goes over. I found the latter was so much better later on in pregnancy and even post pregnancy too! 

2. Leggings - For the first few months I just bought a size up in my non maternity style (high waisted River Island leggings for the win) but you do need to venture for a maternity fit as you'll end up living in these towards the end. Comfort is key! 

3. Bras - I only picked up a couple of nursing bras and then invested in some bra fastening extenders so I could get away with my pre pregnancy bras. Let's face it, your boobs get bigger and you also get wider! 

You could also debate a coat if you're pregnant in winter, I personally didn't as I never fasten my coats up (weird I know) and as I was due early December, I wouldn't have a bump for those really cold winter months. 

Apart from the odd maternity dress and skirt I picked up in a sale, the majority of my wardrobe was non-maternity but sized up, as I knew that I could wear these after the arrival of baby too. My staple pieces were knit midi skirts from Primark as they're super soft, stretchy and excellent quality for the price of them. I then sized up to either a L or XL in tops and added a knot in them at the front so they would sit just above my bump when wearing my midi skirt or they would work with my leggings too. 

In terms of footwear, I got away with wearing most of my shoes/boots/trainers until the 7/8 month mark where my feet finally swelled. After that I lived in my trainers as they worked so well with my midi dresses and skirts. Find a pair which is soft under foot and lace up so you've got room for growth - this definitely happens!! 

Alice xxx

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