Life Lessons in 2018

Wow, 2018! What a bloody year! 

Boy am I grateful to see the clock strike midnight on the 31st December 2018. 

One whole year, 365 days ago, I sat down with a notepad and wrote a number of aims I had for 2018. I decided to go against the whole new year, new me and resolutions as I quite frankly forget half of them and am just too lazy to complete them. 

Instead, I made a list of six to eight things I either wanted to achieve or change in my life for the better. I'm not going to share them with you as they are quite personal, some I may if they ever come to light in 2019 but all I can say is that 2018 was one hell of a crappy year! The only thing that did come to fruition was booking our wedding, this was probably the only highlight I actually have. 

I did however learn a number of life lessons which I will carry with me forever. 

The BIGGEST lesson I learnt was to cherish your loved ones! You just don't know what is around the corner, without going into details we had a couple of shocks during the summer time that turned our world upside down. Fortunately, things got brighter and I am happy to say that we got very lucky to be going into 2019 with these loved ones still around. 

Never take anything for granted, always take time out and make those memories that you can cherish forever! 

2018 was the year I struggled with my mental health, obviously the above didn't help but I just felt very lost! I feel like the majority of the year I was stuck in limbo; there were so many things I wanted to achieve, by putting that much pressure on me and wanting these huge changes to happen kind of pushed them all away! 

My second lesson, do not be afraid to speak out. It has taken me a good eight months to realise that I needed someone to go chat to, someone who is a neutral and wants to listen and has the advice to get me through different scenarios. It is not weak to get that help, it is perfectly ok and not scary at all! 

Finally, do not compare yourself to others. We are all very different people, we may like similar things but we are each unique, the world would be a very boring place if we all did exactly the same! 

The blogging community can be amazing but also very alienating; the growth and opportunities has been incredible since I started five years ago. Please do not be harsh or bitchy or gutted or jealous of someone who has shared adverts, sponsored posts/videos or going on these press trips etc, everyone works extremely hard to get these opportunities, your time will come one day. 

Do not be disappointed that your blog hasn't got the same reach as others who started around a similar time to you. We are all different, we will all have our time one day! You are incredible, keep it up! 

Looking ahead to 2019; I'm taking each day as it comes, I still have similar aims to what I did in 2018 but I am not going to put the same amount of pressure on myself as it isn't healthy. What I do know is, 2019 is the year I am getting married so I have got so much things to plan and get sorted before the big day! 

I hope that 2019 brings you a lot of happiness! 

Alice xxx