Pressures Of Blogging

Whether you are new to blogging or have been in the industry for years, I honestly believe that there is that constant pressure to look good, feel good and to always include new products in your images and blog posts from beauty right through to clothing.

I’d say that around 50% of bloggers actually earn money from blogging and the other 50% are just starting out or have the platform as a hobby which is the category that I fall right into. Creating new content week in week out can add a lot of pressure never mind constantly feeling the need to buy new things. 

There is nothing worse than the feeling of outfit repeating, something that I am a huge fan of seen as I cannot exactly being going out and splashing the cash even if we do have stores such as Primark and H&M. I actually wrote a blog post towards the back end of last season on the positives of being a ‘serial outfit repeater’, after all if Kate Middleton can wear the same dress three times in the spaces of a few years then I do think it is acceptable for us to wear the same pair of jeans or ankle boots in a number of blog posts.

For me, I cannot justify wearing an item of clothing the once and then throwing it to the back of my wardrobe ready for something new to land on the rails. We live in the era of fast fashion and trends are constantly changing as we go through each season; I do love to see what is new with the colours, textures and prints but unfortunately I can only really pick up a couple of key pieces and mix them up with my current wardrobe. 

I make zero money from my blog, it is a hobby after all and with what I do earn from my day job pays off my mortgage, bills and food before I can even contemplate going shopping for clothes or the latest skincare and beauty products (I may fall into the craze on the odd occasions, yes Benefit Bad Gal Bang I am hinting at you). Therefore the odd item I do purchase has to be paired with what I already own which does result in repetitive outfit photos and therefore I feel like I am a bad blogger because I cannot keep up with fresh content.

It is like a vicious cycle, for me, blogging is always going to be a hobby and does take a backseat when it comes to my day job which always results in the same wages coming in and the exact same bills if not more that need paying off.

Now, if we go back a couple of years to the earlyish days of blogging then I feel there was a lot less pressure in having to fork out to create exciting new content. For me, your own little space on the internet did not need to fall under the high quality editorial that gives magazines a run for their money but it was them cute outfit shots in your bedroom or back garden wearing a top you have owned for a year or two styled with skinny jeans and then a couple of months down the line you find a way to pair it with a cute skirt. 

I personally don’t feel like we need to stray too far away from this. Yes at some point you might have to get rid of that beloved tatty knit that for the life of you cannot seem to part with even though the colour has drastically faded and it is full of holes but why not style up a completely different outfit than this time last year with the same pair of ankle boots?

I’ve actually got to take my hat off to Victoria from In TheFrow, she has recently made a video on her channel; January Style Remix. Within this she has styled up different looks with recently purchased items alongside what she already owns, it is just so fresh to watch, if she didn’t inform you that this particular item was previously in the bottom of her wardrobe, you wouldn’t have a clue as you can still pick up similar styles in store!!

It isn’t only with fashion and beauty products but also with blogging equipment, for me to push myself as a more “established blogger” I need to up my game by getting proper lighting equipment and a new vlogging camera but again it’s down to being able to afford it all. My savings is for my wedding fund and my house not splurging it on these things listed above! We all have phones right? Well these are just as good, with a little edit on the lighting and colour which can be done on the cheapest of apps from the app store

So after all my ramblings, I guess what I am trying to get at is, don’t let the pressure get to you! So what if you have already featured that item a couple of months ago on your blog, for me I want to see something that feels relevant to me and how you can re style an item! I cannot afford to splash the cash and there are a lot of people in the same boat as you!

Alice xxx