What Valentine's Day Means To Me

Happy Valentine's Day folks!

Ok, ok, this particular celebration seems to have the nation split in two and I hear both sides; this day is more for those pesky businesses to cash in on us poor souls and everything seems to be cliché BUT why not step back and take February 14 in a different light.

As I get older, I favour the day more and more, purely because I understand different meanings behind the celebration. When you are younger, its more about having that “love of your life” who buys you the biggest bunch of flowers (yeah still makes my day if that ever happens), or the gossip in the school corridor to see if you were going to receive a card from a secret admirer – does this still happen?

Even when I was a single pringle and not interested in having a boyfriend, I was always happy to buy the cute chocolates after all I aren’t a chunk for nothing; team them with a good bottle of wine and a chick flick and your night is sorted.

In all seriousness, I have learnt from past experiences that the day can mean a whole number of different things. It’s true when they say that everyday should be Valentine's Day with sharing the love, but you could do the same with Mother's Day and Father's Day but let’s not get into that discussion as I am here to spread the love, I mean I’m not cupid but there’s nothing wrong with being cheerful.

If you are anything like me, then as soon as the festive period is over you do go into a bit of a slump, you miss your family, friends and major January blues kick in. For me, January felt like there was 365 days, it dragged so much, I lost all motivation and was genuinely unhappy. As soon as we hit February, the gorgeous roses hit the shelves, shops were filled with the cutest decorations I genuinely got a spring in my step and I felt happy.

I just love the positivity that is spread amongst everyone, we may all be strangers but days like Valentine's Day, Easter and Christmas, I feel like there is togetherness and everyone has this hope and it makes me have all the warm and cosy feels.

There are a number of happy memories that sticks into my head from February 14, my earliest one was when my grandparents picked me up from school, I’d had a pretty tough day and they took me to the local supermarket and bought me the biggest teddy bear you ever did see (it had gone down to half price too (kerching!)) I will never forget that moment as instantly I had forgotten about whatever happened earlier on in the day because I was surrounded by the people I loved.

Another thing I loved about Valentines was when I used to wake up in the morning and run downstairs to see a red envelope by the front door addressed to me. I know it was only my grandparents wanting to put a smile on my face by pretending I had a secret admirer, but the realisation of how much effort they put into it was the most special feeling.

It is the days where your kids come home from nursery and they have hand made their own Valentines card along with the first time they have ever written their name. These memories are to be cherished and are what makes the day that extra special.

For me, it is a cliché and cashing in on us but it creates the most wonderful memories from those least romantic moments.

Alice xxx

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