Why I Don't Want to be Categorised as a Millennial

I have thought long and hard about this particular topic or should I say the two phrases ‘Millennial’ and ‘Generation Z’. There is an awful lot circulating the internet and news this past few months regarding this matter and it is irritating me a hell of a lot; I could even put it down to the extreme of a piece of chalk scraping down the chalkboard or someone is scratching their nails along a wall, yes it is this bad. I am not entirely sure why these words are having such an effect on me as I usually have a little moan and groan to myself and then move on, but for some reason this just isn’t happening.

Being 24 and born in 1993 I fall into the category and I put this very lightly, a ‘Millennial’ and I use the quotation marks purely down to the fact that these words are just so ... well I can only describe it as laughable. I am not really one to take offence to anything, I may disagree on a particular topic but everyone has the freedom of speech, and that is one of the reasons why I debated on writing this post, I don’t want to cause any outrage but I just do not like both words, they bug me.

I personally do not want to be categorised because I live my life a certain way, a way that is different to that of twenty or thirty years ago but each generation of human life grows and discovers new things that makes the society evolve – sometimes good, sometimes bad. As the saying goes; ‘you learn from your mistakes’ and boy do we! 

The way I have been brought up and the way I am currently living my life is very different to others my age, even my friends who have all had an impact on my life, live theirs very differently to me and that is ok. We cannot all be the same, otherwise nothing would ever work out, everyone has their own personality which makes them unique; like freckles or laugh lines and even our finger prints are never the same.

I’m 24, engaged, have a pretty good career that I work damn hard for and own my own home with my other half, oh and we have a very cute dog. Yet I fall into the category of a ‘Millennial’ and to some degree that is ok as I was born in 1993 but what I am not ok with is the recent stereotypes of ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’. This past couple of months it has got completely out of control and from what is broadcast on the news, written in papers, newspapers and online I feel that I could not be more different.  

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have to highlight that this is more than acceptable, we all have the right to freedom of speech but for me, personally we live in a world that is so scared of everything from what we say to what we write and our actions. Now this does fall down to the excessive use of social media and the internet, something that has grown massively over the past few years and yes it does play a big part in my life as my whole job and hobby is associated with social media BUT I don’t let it take over my life, I use it to my advantage and allow it to express myself in a positive light.

For instance, once I have left work for the day I ensure that I go home and have quality conversations with my other half about our days at work, what we would like to do at the weekend. We sit and eat tea together at the table and for me this is what makes my day special! 

There has always been that fear of rejection, being anxious, job insecurities, high fees, inequality and the list goes on. I’ve spoken to my parents and grandparents and they all say that this was a thing back in the day but the difference now is that things are highlighted and mentioned a lot more because of the internet and TV and do you know what, it is scaremongering and everyone could be at blame for that.

Yes, there is an awful lot more to ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’ that I haven’t touched upon; what  I have discussed on this post is the small things that are currently bugging me and I needed to express them to get it off my chest. It is a vicious circle that will constantly repeat itself no matter what decade we live in and this is why I don’t want to be categorised as a ‘Millennial’ or ‘Generation Z’.

Everyone has a choice at how they would like to live their life, you can chose to act upon something or you can feel settled and decide to continue the way you are. I love my job, it is exactly what I wanted to do when growing up, yet my wage compared to the cost of living doesn’t weigh up that well; there could be the odd time where I chose to not get my hair cut or put off visiting the dentist because I had a food shop to pay for or petrol to put in my car. However, I chose to stay in my job because I have a lot of passion for it and I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it is my own choice. I often worry that this falls under a certain category of a ‘Millennial’ but do you know what this happens no matter what decade you live in.

Let me know what you think, do you like being classed as a ‘Millennial’? There are so many different things that you can put as a category, what I have discussed you might not think it falls under it and this is perfectly fine!

Alice xxx


  1. I’m curious... you don’t actually say in the post what is bugging you about being a ‘Millenial’. What is it that’s so frustrating to be grouped by a date range by two authors studying theories of generations?

    Also, to do a bit of a fact check, ‘Millenial’ refers to someone who is born in the 21st Century. This is not a stereotype! If you were born in 1993 you’re not a ‘Generation Z’. This refers to someone born in the 2000’s.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that you have taken time to read my post. Sometimes, for me when something is bugging me I cannot always 100% say exactly why and it is always nice to write things down to get it out of my brain hence my long rambling blog post.

      This is just my personal feelings towards it, I understand that they are based on being in the 21st century and 2000's but from personal experience of what has been said to myself and from things I have read, they intertwine a little bit. I get it is a lot more complex and there are a lot more facts out there that may counteract what I have described, but the points of anxiety, living on social media and living in fear of offending etc for me personally falls into the subject, it may not for you and this is perfectly ok.

      It is not being born in 1993 automatically making me a millennial affects me as mentioned above, it is how certain aspects of society has categorised it in a way that has had an actual impact on my life.