Introducing the Colour Red into my Wardrobe

I wasn’t so sure if this is something that I should actually be admitting to the world but I realised that I needed to get a grip and just inform everyone that I cannot stand the colour red in the world of fashion.

How? Why? What? Sorry, what is this madness? 

The colour spectrum is so comprehensive that everyone has a particular shade whether it is a pretty pastel or your basic primary colour that they cannot get along with whether it is in fashion, home life or just in general and for me it is red. Don’t get me wrong I love it on everyone else and as a colour scheme for my accessories at home but when it comes to fashion it just doesn’t have the same impact. 

For me colours can represent personality and is used in society to characterise certain objects or subjects such as; red means hot/anger/bold and blue means cold/calm/relaxed. I am a fairly laid back individual who likes to blend in with society, so if I wore red it is a very bold and striking shade, plus it is quite harsh against my skin tone.

Red Stripe Legings: Zara, Heels: Primark, Shirt: Peacocks, Jacket: Topshop, Bag: Topshop

How can one’s mind be so complex? Especially with fashion, seriously Alice what are you doing with your life? I get that it is quite an extreme thought process to have and one you are probably screaming down your phones or laptop screams right now, but don’t worry I am slowly adjusting to the colour and introducing it into my wardrobe.

Towards the back end of 2017 saw the first red item welcomed into my life and that was these gorgeous leggings with the red stripe down the leg from Zara. This is a fab way of introducing a colour into your wardrobe by hinting at it with a pattern or accessories; just look how gorgeous this bag from Topshop is.

Does anyone else have this mind set when it comes to colours? 


  1. You're right red can be a really difficult colour to wear as it doesn't always compliment skin tones. I love this pop of red on you though! x

  2. Thank you :) it is great to hear that I am not the only one who may think this xx

  3. I love red. It's my favourite colour because it's so bold. . My favourite red to wear is burgundy red!

    1. Oh yes, burgundy is a fab colour, I forget its just a darker red xx

  4. Your photos are the prettiest! This seriously looks like the perfect weekend getaway!! and the red color combination is wow. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Sliding Wardrobes