Why I've Fallen Out of Love With Twitter

You may have noticed that I have been fairly quiet on Twitter recently, it hasn’t been intentional at all, I have just found myself getting bored of the platform. 

Don’t get me wrong, I will never completely tire of social media, after all my whole job, blog and YouTube channel revolves around it. It is a fantastic networking tool to get your work out there for people to see but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know people in the community, discover latest news as it is so fast paced and obviously there is the celeb goss, I need my Kardashian fix after all! Is Kylie Jenner pregnant?

It has got to the point that I bypass the Twitter app to go onto different social media channels, I’m not sure whether there is a particular algorithm on Twitter but everything seems to be exactly the same everyday no matter how many different people I follow, I’ve just got bored. I also feel that Twitter has become quite a negative platform no matter how hard everyone tries to be positive and it has had a negative impact on my mood, I’m not sure if it is the January blues that are still in the background or if this is way the platform is moving.

Jumper: New Look, Leggings: Adidas at Asos (similar), Watch: Michael Kors 

I love how everyone can have their own opinion, express themselves freely but there’s always someone who takes offence to everything and find a spin on it to create debates or arguments. Some are healthy and I agree that they might need to happen but 80% of the time there isn’t any need.

As mentioned at the start of this post, my break was not planned, I have still been on every so often but haven’t tweeted as much as I did at the start of January, I just needed to de clutter my mind and hopefully my love for Twitter will once again return as I have taken part in some fab blogger discussions and have been surrounded by amazing people who are so creative and positive.

Going into February, it is already clear that my mind feels a lot healthier and I am happier to move forward to push my work once more. Funnily, most of 2017 saw me having the same relationship but with Instagram and suddenly at the back end of December I rediscovered my love for the platform despite the algorithm. My creativity has returned and I have figured my own style and have learnt what people enjoy seeing.

Does anyone else find themselves going through phases like this?

p.s. I hope you liked the photos, I wanted to play around and create something a little raw and textured! I love to get creative and see what works and what doesn't every so often, hope you don't mind.

Alice xxx

Why You Should Never Judge a Book By It's Cover

I’m starting this post off with the use of the oh so famous phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and this fits in perfectly with what I am going to be discussing. I think the phrase has a part to play in everyone’s life whether it is for something so minor or something quite large. No matter who you are, there will always be a story to your life that links back to this phrase; it is extremely powerful!

Now if you were to look at me in the street, on pictures or if you watch my videos or look at my social media channels you would not have a clue that everything is not as it may seem. I haven’t purposefully been hiding it from you; I just never really seemed the need to highlight my ‘hidden illness’. Now let me put a few things right before I go into this post; I don’t want to really label it as an illness, technically it is but 99.9% of the time I am not actually affected by it but I do a lot of self care that pushes it on the back burner.

When I was younger, I was extremely close to being diagnosed with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) or some would know it as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  I cannot say how common this is and I am not fully studied up on this as it is case by case and can be completely different, when I was little I struggled an awful lot with it but as I got older and learnt how to deal with it which results in not really struggling with it.

I used to live at the doctors and hospital, that was once they took my parents seriously and decided to do a little digging as to why I was so fatigued all the time. I was assigned to a doctor on the children’s ward at my local hospital and would have to visit him every month to see how I was getting on, all of these trips included food diaries/copious amounts of blood tests and a weight and height check. By the age of around 12/13 years old, I was signed off at the hospital and could go about living my life normally as my symptoms had drastically improved.

This blog post has come about purely down to the fact that I have reached a particular milestone in my life that I never thought would see happen. I have gone on about it a lot on social media and to the people around me and I am sorry if you are sick of hearing about it but it is a huge achievement and a mini celebration!

I have just completed 14 days straight at work, now this might not seem a huge deal to anyone we can all work long hours but with suffering from severe fatigue this is pretty impressive for me. A regular working week is just about manageable for me, I have learnt to relax on a weeknight and be in bed by 10pm but if I stretch longer than seven days it could hit me for six and I could be suffering a good month after.

Last year I worked a similar period of time and my social life seemed to be a little crazy too, but I ended up going to bed around 6pm and after having a full night’s sleep I would still be just as tired the next day. I would usually have to put everything off for the whole month in my social life just to ensure I don’t collapse or make myself even worse.

Where I managed to complete 14 days of work whilst have quite a busy social life around it, including my first ever blogging event and guess what... I went to bed at my usual time and I have come out of it stronger!

Now I cannot let this go to my head, I may hit a stumbling block in the future where it can affect me, I just have to ensure I manage the rest of my time around the working hours and this is where my self care comes in. It’s pretty straight forward, I go to bed earlier to ensure I get a good night’s sleep and during the week I don’t go OTT with events or socialising, I tend to leave it until the weekend.

So How Did This Start?

When I was about five, I happen to get chicken pox twice; I know that a child only gets it once in their lifetime but for some reason the dreaded itchy spots made a second appearance after having measles too! The second time I got them, they actually turned sceptic and I was in a lot of pain, following on from this I started to get nasty reactions to all of my injections that you need when you are younger.

After this, everything just seemed to go downhill, I felt so weak and constantly tired, and I had no energy whatsoever to even walk from my bedroom to the living room or kitchen. I couldn’t do the usual thing of playing outside with friends much or do after school clubs as I would never have the strength to take part. I used to fall asleep at school; at my desk on the P.E. mat which looking back isn’t always a bad thing as I hated P.E. (I must point out this was never an excuse to get myself out of things at all, I’d choose to do P.E. over feeling so exhausted all of the time).

Jumper: Primark, Shirt: New Look, Skirt: River Island, Tights: Primark, Boots: Dorothy Perkins

I used to dread the trips to the hospital; they were so boring mainly because I was so young and didn’t really understand what was happening. I remember this one trip in particular, I used to go to the chemist first get some numbing gel to put on my arm so that I couldn’t feel the needle going in... well, we had left it too close to the blood test and I felt EVERYTHING!! I hated it but then felt so grown up because I was just like every adult in that room.

Another incident that sticks in my mind and has actually scarred me was the time I was taking part in the school play at high school, now they are like no normal school plays they were seen as a west end show. I didn’t have a huge part but enough for me to have rehearsals throughout the school holidays – yes I know – and every night after school. After the shows were over which were every evening after school and twice on a Saturday I actually passed out in the kitchen through exhaustion, resulting in having a sofa day and not through choice either! I felt horrendous and now it scares me as it was a horrible incident that I don’t want to happen again.

I’m pleased that I have grown to know what self care I need and how to try and stop it from being affected.

So I guess what I am saying is ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. You just don’t know what is going on.

Alice xxx

Why I Don't Want to be Categorised as a Millennial

I have thought long and hard about this particular topic or should I say the two phrases ‘Millennial’ and ‘Generation Z’. There is an awful lot circulating the internet and news this past few months regarding this matter and it is irritating me a hell of a lot; I could even put it down to the extreme of a piece of chalk scraping down the chalkboard or someone is scratching their nails along a wall, yes it is this bad. I am not entirely sure why these words are having such an effect on me as I usually have a little moan and groan to myself and then move on, but for some reason this just isn’t happening.

Being 24 and born in 1993 I fall into the category and I put this very lightly, a ‘Millennial’ and I use the quotation marks purely down to the fact that these words are just so ... well I can only describe it as laughable. I am not really one to take offence to anything, I may disagree on a particular topic but everyone has the freedom of speech, and that is one of the reasons why I debated on writing this post, I don’t want to cause any outrage but I just do not like both words, they bug me.

I personally do not want to be categorised because I live my life a certain way, a way that is different to that of twenty or thirty years ago but each generation of human life grows and discovers new things that makes the society evolve – sometimes good, sometimes bad. As the saying goes; ‘you learn from your mistakes’ and boy do we! 

The way I have been brought up and the way I am currently living my life is very different to others my age, even my friends who have all had an impact on my life, live theirs very differently to me and that is ok. We cannot all be the same, otherwise nothing would ever work out, everyone has their own personality which makes them unique; like freckles or laugh lines and even our finger prints are never the same.

I’m 24, engaged, have a pretty good career that I work damn hard for and own my own home with my other half, oh and we have a very cute dog. Yet I fall into the category of a ‘Millennial’ and to some degree that is ok as I was born in 1993 but what I am not ok with is the recent stereotypes of ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’. This past couple of months it has got completely out of control and from what is broadcast on the news, written in papers, newspapers and online I feel that I could not be more different.  

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have to highlight that this is more than acceptable, we all have the right to freedom of speech but for me, personally we live in a world that is so scared of everything from what we say to what we write and our actions. Now this does fall down to the excessive use of social media and the internet, something that has grown massively over the past few years and yes it does play a big part in my life as my whole job and hobby is associated with social media BUT I don’t let it take over my life, I use it to my advantage and allow it to express myself in a positive light.

For instance, once I have left work for the day I ensure that I go home and have quality conversations with my other half about our days at work, what we would like to do at the weekend. We sit and eat tea together at the table and for me this is what makes my day special! 

There has always been that fear of rejection, being anxious, job insecurities, high fees, inequality and the list goes on. I’ve spoken to my parents and grandparents and they all say that this was a thing back in the day but the difference now is that things are highlighted and mentioned a lot more because of the internet and TV and do you know what, it is scaremongering and everyone could be at blame for that.

Yes, there is an awful lot more to ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’ that I haven’t touched upon; what  I have discussed on this post is the small things that are currently bugging me and I needed to express them to get it off my chest. It is a vicious circle that will constantly repeat itself no matter what decade we live in and this is why I don’t want to be categorised as a ‘Millennial’ or ‘Generation Z’.

Everyone has a choice at how they would like to live their life, you can chose to act upon something or you can feel settled and decide to continue the way you are. I love my job, it is exactly what I wanted to do when growing up, yet my wage compared to the cost of living doesn’t weigh up that well; there could be the odd time where I chose to not get my hair cut or put off visiting the dentist because I had a food shop to pay for or petrol to put in my car. However, I chose to stay in my job because I have a lot of passion for it and I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it is my own choice. I often worry that this falls under a certain category of a ‘Millennial’ but do you know what this happens no matter what decade you live in.

Let me know what you think, do you like being classed as a ‘Millennial’? There are so many different things that you can put as a category, what I have discussed you might not think it falls under it and this is perfectly fine!

Alice xxx

Introducing the Colour Red into my Wardrobe

I wasn’t so sure if this is something that I should actually be admitting to the world but I realised that I needed to get a grip and just inform everyone that I cannot stand the colour red in the world of fashion.

How? Why? What? Sorry, what is this madness? 

The colour spectrum is so comprehensive that everyone has a particular shade whether it is a pretty pastel or your basic primary colour that they cannot get along with whether it is in fashion, home life or just in general and for me it is red. Don’t get me wrong I love it on everyone else and as a colour scheme for my accessories at home but when it comes to fashion it just doesn’t have the same impact. 

For me colours can represent personality and is used in society to characterise certain objects or subjects such as; red means hot/anger/bold and blue means cold/calm/relaxed. I am a fairly laid back individual who likes to blend in with society, so if I wore red it is a very bold and striking shade, plus it is quite harsh against my skin tone.

Red Stripe Legings: Zara, Heels: Primark, Shirt: Peacocks, Jacket: Topshop, Bag: Topshop

How can one’s mind be so complex? Especially with fashion, seriously Alice what are you doing with your life? I get that it is quite an extreme thought process to have and one you are probably screaming down your phones or laptop screams right now, but don’t worry I am slowly adjusting to the colour and introducing it into my wardrobe.

Towards the back end of 2017 saw the first red item welcomed into my life and that was these gorgeous leggings with the red stripe down the leg from Zara. This is a fab way of introducing a colour into your wardrobe by hinting at it with a pattern or accessories; just look how gorgeous this bag from Topshop is.

Does anyone else have this mind set when it comes to colours? 

2017 Beauty Favourites

It has been quite hard to pick only a few items to feature in my favourite beauty products for 2017 as I loved so many. 

2017 has been the first year to expand and try new brands including Laura Mercier, NYX, Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury to name a few, but you will never take this girl from drugstore holy grails. 

The main product I have been obsessed with is my L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation in shade12 Natural Rose. This high coverage matte foundation is insane, it beats my Nars, Mac and Charlotte Tilbury hands down and bonus is that it is quarter of the price. I do find this foundation is very similar to the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, however it is a much more fuller coverage. 

Sticking to base products and my next favourite of 2017 has to be the Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfect Powder. This stunning powder is fab to add a tiny bit of glow to your skin without going OTT, it sets your foundation and concealer well. I've not normally spent this amount of money on a powder, I feel a splurge at such level on just a powder is a little much I'd rather pay more on eye shadows or blush. 

 Mascara: L'Oreal Paradise Extatic, Foundation: L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover, Powder: Laura Mercier Candleglow Powder, Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palettes: Naked 2, Naked Heat

For blusher, I have to hand it to the Kardashian/ Jenner clan for their beauty empires! For me, the Kyle Jenner pressed blush powder in 'Barely Legal' is beaut; its the perfect peachy pink for my pale skin tone. I love how it blends so well on natural or tanned skin to give that hint of colour on the apples of your cheeks after contouring. Sometimes a powder can look a little drab especially if placed over a powder but the pay off is incredible and natural. 

Mascara, well do I really need to say anything? You all know exactly what is coming especially if you watch any of my videos. Yes, the L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara, it is da bomb! It elongates and thickens the lashes perfectly after a couple of coats, what more does a girl need? Usually I would need to use two mascaras as my lashes are pretty disappointing; short and thin to say the least. 

For eyeshadows, I cannot particularly pin point just one palette as the Urban Decay eye shadow palettes are insane! For instance, the packaging is simply stunning, so much thought and hard work has gone into them. Then the product itself, the colour pay off is incredible, the shades are super rich and bold which you can create a number of different looks with. If you don't own any of these palettes then I would certainly recommend them. 

I'd love to hear the beauty products you have been loving at them moment! 

Alice xxx