Styling A Waist Belt

Shirt: River Island, Blazer: River Island, Shoes: River Island, Belt: Primark, Skirt: Forever 21

Since when did waist belts suddenly become ‘a thing’? Well I am guessing we have the spring/summer trend and Gucci to thank for this and I am certainly not hating on the much improved look.
Ok, ok, I hear you, it isn’t all down to Gucci but their cute black leather belt with the ‘GG’ buckle has clearly had a huge impact on fashion lovers, especially bloggers over the past couple of months to get the trend circulating. 17-year old Alice will be grinning from ear to ear if she knew that waist belts would once again become popular. I still remember trying to get away with rocking a brown (yes a beige and dark brown) elasticated waist belt with my navy blue winter coat and oh boy did I think I looked good.

Fast forward to 24-year old Alice ~ present day ~ still cringing at my awful faux pas and cannot understand why I am currently retelling my cringey style moments of being a teenager. But I am a huge fan of the trend; I have been loving rocking a cute small black leather belt with a shift dress or cinching in a looser fitting item to show off my curves.

I could never pull off this silky oversized shirt, it is quite a boxy fit which isn’t the best style for my body shape. Instead of throwing it away or handing it over to charity I tried to rejuvenate the style by adding my little black belt around the waist – I kinda like it. I love how it is simple and quite demure so it doesn’t look out of place or stupid.  
Are you a fan of a waist belt?

Alice xxx