That Slogan Life

Top: Levis, Trousers: Zara, Heels: Dorothy Perkins, Jacket: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors

Anyone else ready to admit that they are a hoarder or is it just me willing to throw their arms in the air? I don't know how many times I try and have a clear out and tell myself that I will be able to part ways with certain items, but for some reason they always find their way back into my wardrobe! I just don't know how it happens but there are stories behind every item of clothing that you cannot forget. 

Luckily for us there are positives to being a hoarder, we liven world of fast fashion which isn't the best for our bank accounts but at some point every trend will return in the future and we have a wardrobe all set for it. 

Slogan tee's fit perfectly into this category! I mean talk about revolving fashion, it has only been a few years ago we were walking around with 'Geek' written on our t-shirts and jumpers. I'll just put it out there that I jumped on that bandwagon - I do feel kind of embarrassed looking back! I practically ran to Topshop to ensure that I got my hands on one of those tops as I didn't want to miss out and they were what in fashion for the whole of three months?! 

Luckily the style of slogan tee's have shifted and have a sense of sophistication and a luxe vibe, plus we cannot forget the designer ones too! 

I'm yet to get my hands on the Gucci one, I am obsessed with it, I just love the vintage vibe and how you can dress it up for nights out (not that I ever go out, but you know it is good to have the option). It inspired me to go rooting through my drawers as somewhere at the bottom was my trusty Levis top, I mean it is the same as Gucci right?!

My style was a little dull back in the day so I only used to wear this top with a pair of jeans, how else would I wear it? I've become a little more experimental with my fashion and I am getting to the point where I don't really care how mixing colours/prints/styles up, I'm discovering the fun side of style and I like it!!

Alice xxx