Capturing that Inspiration

I am finally getting around to sitting down and writing a blog post, Little-Talks has been slightly neglected the past month or so, not intentionally I may add. It is funny because I have seen a rise in the amount of hits each page has had, I’m not sure whether it was down to the amazing opportunity I had in working with the Towel Shop or people actually think my content is interesting.... that is something to be debated!

It is so lovely to see that more people are coming across my little space on the internet, it is still a hobby of mine and one I thoroughly enjoy (even if there are many arguments during the photo sessions). It will always be a hobby, by no means is the growth anywhere near most blogs out there but it is not a competition at all and that is key thing to remember when joining the community.
However, I’ll admit that I haven’t completely disappeared, I have just got a new found love for my YouTube channel and found myself putting all my dedication into that. If you didn’t know I had one ... well you kinda do now and I would love for you to pop over and check it out, (bit of self promo, why not!)

I have really enjoyed creating content on there, which is quit new to me as I have struggled with coming up with fun and engaging videos but for some reason my min keeps going off on a tangent and I keep getting all these ideas; certainly not complaining at all. Does anyone always get their brainwaves when they have either gone to bed or are in the shower?!

By no means do I feel my videos are as high of a standard as I would like them to be, but it is still a massive learning curve for me. It doesn’t miraculously happen overnight, a nice steady growth and improvement is the key and remember it isn’t a competition. I’m still working on that lighting, not saying ‘errm’ as much and those thumbnails; how are they sooooo difficult to create?

It is a hobby and one I thoroughly enjoy but it isn’t a walk in the park especially when you are working around a 9-5 job and sometimes work six days a week. I’ll admit that there are times I just want to cave in and that pretty much stems around receiving comments from individuals that can hurt and make you feel worthless but there are so many lovely comments and supportive people out there that outweigh that.

So I guess time will tell as to how well this juggling act continues... I for one am enjoying that challenge!

Alice xxx