Beauty // 2016 Favourites

Finally, 2016 taught me how to break free of my comfort zone and branch out from brands and products I am used to, to trying new things. As I know what I like and what works for me, I find myself falling into the same routine day in day out and constantly play it safe ... well not anymore. 

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory has become a brand that I adore particularly with their skincare range! The scents are to die for and the packaging is spot on, its girly, fun and makes the bathroom look pretty and pink. 

I'm so lazy when it comes to removing my makeup, all I really want to do is to crawl under my duvet and sleep, don't we all? As I pile a lot and I mean an awful lot of mascara on as my lashes are pretty much non existent, it becomes quite a chore to remove it and on numerous occasions, I have gone to bed with red roar eyes. 

Then, I discovered the Soap & Glory Deep Cleansing Milk. It really is my saviour, all you need is a couple of pumps onto your hands and then rub it all over your face without using water. It really is amazing to see the make up dissolving and melting off your face (don't worry it doesn't drip down and make you look like a creepy waxwork!) I then get a  flannel under hot water and wipe away the make up and product, I am never left with panda eyes or mascara on my bed sheets in the morning. 

Onto their beauty products; this past year I've got a new found love for their mascaras, particularly the 'Thick & Fast Super Volume' Mascara and the 'High-Definition Collagen-Coat' Mascara. I love to pair them together, I tend to apply the volume one first as it gets to the roots of my lashes and adds a lot of much needed thickness to them. After a couple of coats I then apply the high definition one which separates the lashes through removing any clumps and elongates them making them look more natural. 

Whether they are worn together or separately, the mascaras stay on the lashes well, it doesn't flake or smudge under the eyes which is perfect!!

Lush Bubble Bars

My all time favourite products in Lush are the bubble bars, I just want to own their whole range, who doesn't? Don't get me wrong I do love the bath bombs but these don't create bubbles and you cannot have a bath without bubbles. My all time favourite bubble bar is the Rose Jam (there's a theme here), it is pink and glittery and shaped like a rose! It makes my baths a lovely pink colour and super soft helping my muscles unwind and make my skin feel silky smooth. 

Mac Lustre Lipstick in Viva V Glam 

Onto the last two beauty favourites of 2016! Firstly let's discuss Mac, I am starting to become obsessed with their lipsticks (although my collection looks very poor compared to my sisters). The one I reach for the most if the Lustre Lipstick in Viva V Glam, it is a gorgeous pinky nude with a satin/pearl finish that nourishes the lips. After receiving it for my birthday in April, I have pretty much worn it every day.

Mac soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish 

I visited the Mac store in Covent Garden back in July and found the Soft & Gentle highlighter that all bloggers rave about and knew I had to purchase it along with a lipstick of course. It is absolutely beautiful, the bronze tone gives you a lovely natural warm glow and I am in love with it! 

Benefit Ready Set Brow Gel

Next up is the Benefit Ready Set, Brow clear brow gel! This is quite new to my collection and I only discovered the product after their re branding of the brow products and also thanks to a freebie in a magazine! Let's face it my brows are just unruly and the amount of paddies I have had over them when trying to apply product is ridiculous. I have got better but there is still a long way to go before them bad boys are tamed, I just love how this gel locks in the product onto the hairs for the full day!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume 
Last, but no means least is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume, if you have watched my previous YouTube video, you will know that I am a huge fan of his perfumes and have quite the collection. I'm not going to trick you by saying it wasn't the packaging that drew me in as that would be a total lie, of course it was the packaging that drew me into the product, its just so pretty and dainty. All the daisy scents are fresh and summery but all are very different to one another. 

Have you tried any of these products before?

Alice xxx