Spreading the Festive Love

With the new year looming in just a few days time, I wanted to share a bit of love as there is nothing better than stepping into a new year on a positive note and making someones day that little bit better. I thought it would be quite fun to share with you who has inspired me in blogging and well who are are quite simply bosses in their own right! 

I've not done a post like this for some time so thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and shared the love.

F.Y.I. did you know that I have my own bloggers directory at the top of my blog for those bloggers I do love!! Go give it a look after you have finished reading this post.

Queen Beady - First up has to be my fellow Yorkshire girl, she has been bossing the Instagram world this year with her stunning photography. 2018 better watch out as I am more than certain she is going to grow so much and I could not be any more prouder, plus she's been amazing when I had a few things I needed help with. 

Rhiannon Ashlee - One very down to earth YouTuber with the cutest little girl ever, I mean how cute is Delilah! I love Rhiannon, she is so relatable being a similar age to me which is amazing and documents her day to day life in her channels along with a bit of fashion, lifestyle and being a mum. If I am feeling a little down or have had a tough day, I thoroughly enjoy watching her videos to cheer me up! 

Mama Reid Writes - Ashleigh is a beautiful mum to two very cute little children who runs a YouTube channel and blog! I love Ashleigh, one because she is again relatable and down to earth but two creates fantastic content from fashion through to being a mum. Her imagery, especially over on Instagram is stunning, they are one stylish family! 

Hello October - I love this girl! I have been watching Suzie's videos for a number of years now, she is one of the first YouTubers I actually started watching along with Kate from Dolly Bow Bow. Her channel which is mainly fashion and beauty has branched out a little to homeware and lifestyle videos which I love, her interior design is top notch and gives me all inspiration for trying to make my house feel like a home! Did I mention she has two very cute dogs too? I feel like me and Suzie could get on very well, we seem to have very similar taste in a lot of things! 

Love Life - Niamh is one stylish girl, I mean she just seems to be able to pull off everything from mixing prints to vibrant colours to looking cool in the most relaxed outfit, I mean how?! This Irish beauty is a blogger I discovered towards the back end of 2017 and boy am I glad I did, I really look forward to her images popping up on my Instagram feed, they are the most colourful, happy and stunning images you will see! I have major fashion envy over Niamh and I actually feel like she is helping me step a little further out of my comfort zone with my outfit choices! 

These are only a handful of bloggers I have been loving in 2017 but there are so many more I could spread the love about! If you aren't already following these girls then I would definitely recommend you to go check them out on all social media channels! 

Alice xxx

Styling Up in Winter

I have touched upon this subject before and it is something I have a battle with every single year. Let's just get into it shall we, I am writing about dressing for winter and why it is so difficult; well for me it is anyway. Not for those lazy days but if you have an occasion to go to and want to look stylish.

I'll always go with the one rule of layering, will never change my mind on that! There is nothing worse than wearing a million layers, big winter coat and all the winter accessories and feeling like a sweaty mess as soon as you hit the slightest bit of a heated room/building. 

Do you ever see those memes circulating the internet with a ridiculously fashionable and oh so effortlessly beautiful person rocking that winter look and then to the right there is someone wrapped literally head to toe in an oversized scarf; yeah this is what I am talking about and yup that is me.

I find it so hard to feel stylish in winter, I always dress for warmth than looking nice. This year I thought there has to be a way around this feeling and I think I may have cracked it.

Knitwear, the thicker the item the better, especially oversized jumpers are right on trend and this allows you to wear a cute little cami top underneath for the added warmth layer. The tighter to your skin the better (this way you aren't working on looking like a michelin man). 

As you have your key layers and warmth it does mean that you can rock a thinner jacket such as a leather one or suede one in my case. I know this sounds so simple but the amount of times I have questioned myself on whether I am going to be warm enough is ridiculous. 

The best thing about this is the cute winter accessories you can style up the look, I went for leather gloves this time as they look more sophisticated, luxurious and well the leather grips to the steering wheel better when driving. I also went for this cute double pom pom hat, I mean just look at it!! It also means I don't need to make as much effort with my hair too giving you a little more free time in the mornings but a hat is a great way of keeping you warm and looking stylish. Anything with a pom pom works right?! 

I'm not going to beat myself up when it comes to styling in winter, it can be so difficult with your head going in many directions, do I go for warmth? Do I go for style? But you can do both!!

Alice xxx