Falling for an Old Love

Years ago when I was studying at college, I was obsessed with leggings; these thick, black, stretchy lycra beauties were my best friend. Forever feeling uncomfortable in my own body because my belly and hips ate jeans, tights and skirts; leggings became the only item of clothing that I felt suited my body size and shape at that particular time in my life. Believe me, those thousand people at my college and all of my family must have called me 'the leggings girl'.

After losing a bit of weight and discovering a new style, I steered away from leggings after all these really were fast fashion with having to throw them away due to the seam on the inside leg fraying and causing quite a hole (not very glamorous). But with a few items in my wardrobe that would be perfect to wear with leggings, I knew I had to welcome them back in my life and oh my, I certainly have missed these stretchy beauts. 


My favourite pair are from River Island, they are the perfect thickness so theres definitely isn't any VPL or skin on show. The best thing about them is that they are high waisted so sucks you in, in all the right places. 

Alice xxx

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