Being in Dream Land

This jumper is the one item of clothing that sums me up perfectly, I cannot deny the fact that I am in dreamland 24/7. Why I cannot live in the here and now world is beyond me but I just cannot help thinking about the future, whether it is what I am having for tea later that day (yes this happens more often than not), re- re-decorating my house, weddings or even piecing together outfits.

It is just something that females do; I certainly have been ever since I was a little girl! Especially this time of year, there is just something so warming and magical leading up to Christmas – my mind goes into overdrive, hence the enormous bags constantly under my eyes. 

New Look have stepped up their game this autumn/winter, I have to be honest and say that I fell slightly out of love with New Look. After turning 24 in April I began to feel too old for their intended audience, long gone the days where I can dress in slightly skimpy outfits and feel like a teenager and for once in my life I didn’t feel the need to feel like a teenager, I am happy with my age and the way my life is panning out. 

The past couple of months I have fallen in love with one or two key pieces for winter, especially the knitwear and at the prices too. This particular jumper was only £7.99 and it is so soft and fantastic quality for a knit. I usually have to be careful as owning a dog can make it difficult to wear a knit as his claws sometimes catches and pulls the wool but nope this one is still standing strong.

Another fab thing about this jumper is the slogan, for me a knit can sometimes feel a little boring to wear and can be tricky to dress up, but the ‘Dream’ slogan in the pink wool adds the perfect girly vibe to the overall look and you can just feel bang on trend.  

This leads me to ask, does anyone else feel like they sometimes outgrow a brand or particular store?

Alice xxx


  1. That jumper is so fabulous, I love it.

    1. It's so cute isn't it. Theres another one very similar which I might have to get too xx

  2. Love this outfit!! Perfect for this time of year! Xx