Falling for an Old Love

Years ago when I was studying at college, I was obsessed with leggings; these thick, black, stretchy lycra beauties were my best friend. Forever feeling uncomfortable in my own body because my belly and hips ate jeans, tights and skirts; leggings became the only item of clothing that I felt suited my body size and shape at that particular time in my life. Believe me, those thousand people at my college and all of my family must have called me 'the leggings girl'.

After losing a bit of weight and discovering a new style, I steered away from leggings after all these really were fast fashion with having to throw them away due to the seam on the inside leg fraying and causing quite a hole (not very glamorous). But with a few items in my wardrobe that would be perfect to wear with leggings, I knew I had to welcome them back in my life and oh my, I certainly have missed these stretchy beauts. 


My favourite pair are from River Island, they are the perfect thickness so theres definitely isn't any VPL or skin on show. The best thing about them is that they are high waisted so sucks you in, in all the right places. 

Alice xxx

Being in Dream Land

This jumper is the one item of clothing that sums me up perfectly, I cannot deny the fact that I am in dreamland 24/7. Why I cannot live in the here and now world is beyond me but I just cannot help thinking about the future, whether it is what I am having for tea later that day (yes this happens more often than not), re- re-decorating my house, weddings or even piecing together outfits.

It is just something that females do; I certainly have been ever since I was a little girl! Especially this time of year, there is just something so warming and magical leading up to Christmas – my mind goes into overdrive, hence the enormous bags constantly under my eyes. 

New Look have stepped up their game this autumn/winter, I have to be honest and say that I fell slightly out of love with New Look. After turning 24 in April I began to feel too old for their intended audience, long gone the days where I can dress in slightly skimpy outfits and feel like a teenager and for once in my life I didn’t feel the need to feel like a teenager, I am happy with my age and the way my life is panning out. 

The past couple of months I have fallen in love with one or two key pieces for winter, especially the knitwear and at the prices too. This particular jumper was only £7.99 and it is so soft and fantastic quality for a knit. I usually have to be careful as owning a dog can make it difficult to wear a knit as his claws sometimes catches and pulls the wool but nope this one is still standing strong.

Another fab thing about this jumper is the slogan, for me a knit can sometimes feel a little boring to wear and can be tricky to dress up, but the ‘Dream’ slogan in the pink wool adds the perfect girly vibe to the overall look and you can just feel bang on trend.  

This leads me to ask, does anyone else feel like they sometimes outgrow a brand or particular store?

Alice xxx

A Little Life Update

I’ve written the start to this blog post so many times and yet I cannot find the right words to put down so I guess I am just going with the flow, babbling on and hoping for the best – but I get that is what blog posts are for right?
P.S. not exactly sure what these images are to do with what I am actually writing about but I just love the style that my photos are going at the moment and was dying to share them with you. 

Let’s start with a rhetorical question: Isn’t it weird that when you go on holiday, a change of scenery and climate does you wonders and you always end up thinking about things... well life in general!! Yeah this has happened to me, who would have guessed that haha.

I felt extremely fortunate to be able to jet off twice in October with a trip to LA and cheeky lil’ visit to Vegas and then a family holiday to Rome, it was my fist holiday in around four years so you can definitely say it did me the world of good.

I am forever going on about being stuck in a rut, but actually I don’t think I am, I just believe I am growing up and coming to grips with how I want or should I say I would like to pan out and start making my own memories which is something that I touched upon in a recent Instagram post. Yes a holiday made me realise all of this, what a surprise. 

Dress: Primark, Sunglasses: Primark, Boots: Asos, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Pandora 

During our visit to LA, Martyn (if you are wondering who he is, he’s by other half), decided to pop the question and we are now engaged! I guess we are now officially grownups?

Here’s a little insight into how it happened:
On our fifth anniversary we took a trip to the Warner Bros studio and on the tour there was the Friends Central Perk set. Whilst sat on the famous orange settee (all minus an audience – the perks of having friends in the right places) Martyn got down on one knee to ask me, it could not be any more perfect to our relationship.

A little back story, after me and Martyn met, every night we would sit down and watch Friends from the very first episode right through to the last.

I guess my blog might take a new direction slightly with wedding bits and bats but I hope you don’t mind. It will still be heavily fashion and beauty based, don’t worry, this is probably what my whole blog post is what I have being trying to get at. I don’t over share personal bits but I hoped you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and looking forward to my future posts.

Alice xxx