My Love for Interiors

Ever since we bought our first home last September, I have become obsessed with interiors and interior design and making a blank canvas into something homely and has our identity stamped all over it.

Looking back, my love for interiors probably goes back to 2015 when we were living in a flat, with it being rented it meant there were quite a few restrictions of what we could and couldn’t do which is quite tricky but I am so glad I can go OTT with my ideas now.

We are extremely fortunate to have moved into a new build and have been part of the process since before a brick or concrete and even been laid. It was so exciting that we got to choose what tiles we wanted in the bathrooms, what flooring we wanted and the combination of kitchen cupboards and the worktop. For me, the exciting part of it all was once we had moved in and got the furniture in the correct places (that was pretty stressful – well apart from the flat packs, I am a bit of a dab hand at them). The best bit was to play house and add those little accessories to give it our personality giving you that warm fuzzy feeling – oh and an empty bank account I might add.

Even though we have been living in the house for around 10 months now there is still so much more to do, we are nowhere near finished and I don’t think you will ever be as there is always something you want to change or to add. For starters we don’t even have our wardrobe finished in our main room as we just don’t have a clue on the style we want.

However, I thought it was about time that I shared a few snippets of my favourite parts of my house, I don’t think I’ll ever share it all, some parts you want to keep personal and private but I will certainly share with you most parts. I for one am a huge fan of scrolling blog posts, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, much to Martyn’s despair.

The irony is, as I am writing this blog post, my house has been turned upside down after trying to transport a huge wardrobe upstairs after we purchased it in the Next sale at the weekend. Life lesson of the week ... if you buy furniture in the sale and they are ex display you have to collect them yourself oh and they are fully built too.

When you moved home, did you find a love for interiors too?

Alice xxx

Luxury Egyptian Towelling Dressing Gown Review and Giveaway

Dressing Gown*: The Towel Shop 

*Disclaimer: I received this Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown from The Towel Shop to try at home for the purpose of the review. All opinions are entirely my own! I was also offered the opportunity to giveaway a luxury towelling dressing gown of the colour of the winner's choice. 

I was so happy when The Towel Shop got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to try one of their dressing gowns, and I jumped at the chance as there is nothing better than relaxing and having a lazy morning in your pjs snuggled into your dressing gown. 

This particular one is from their Egyptian Collection and is the Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown - oh and they also do one with a hood too!! I love a good dressing gown, these are items that you certainly cannot have enough of and I love having a range of different styles from the super fluffy ones to the towelling bathrobes that you can throw on after having a bath or shower to dry in. 

It has been years since I have worn a towelling bathrobe and let's face it, the quality of towelling now has drastically improved, long gone the rough fabric that left you scratched for days, now it is much more softer and delicate on the skin and this particular bathrobe ticks all them boxes!! 

This particular robe is pretty oversized which I love, there is nothing worse than wearing a dressing gown/bathrobe where it is quite a snug fit; there is nothing comfy and relaxing about this! All I wanted to do was to wrap Lenny up with me and cuddle on the settee for hours - he was having non of that may I add! 

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this robe and how much I have reached for it the past couple of weeks, well that is if I can beat my boyfriend to wearing it. I would definitely recommend you to pick one of these if you are on the hunt for a towelling bathrobe!!


The Towel Shop have been ever so kind and given me the opportunity to give away one of their Egyptian Collection Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown to one of my viewers. The best thing about it is that you get to pick your own colour!!

Good Luck!!

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Alice xxx