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Hat: New Look, Scarf: Primark, Coat: Pull & Bear

Has it seriously taken me 23, well 24 years to truly appreciate living in the countryside?! Also how am I almost 24? Now I feel like I have to act like a grown up and have no excuse for anything anymore.

The past couple of weeks, I have been  fairly quiet on the social media front, it wasn't intentional let me add that! I was on a role with blogging, for the three years of having Little Talks I have never felt so inspired and excited about creating posts, then work got extremely busy and well took over my life! With work getting busy, my health deteriorated a little and well it was no party but I do not want sympathy at all, I am not writing it for that!

I wont blab on about it, but I have had quite bad symptoms for IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and I have decided that instead of just taking medication to solve or well prevent it for a while I want to look a little more in depth and work out a healthier lifestyle where it can be put on the back burner. So if there are any bloggers out there that go into more information about IBS then please let me know.

It wasn't until a trip to the countryside which is what a five minute drive from my house that I felt I had just escaped everything and I could finally get my head back into blogging - and yes I really did have a light bulb moment - how cliche!!

Sorry for my absence but I am well and truly back!!

Alice xxx


  1. I love these photos and the countryside looks absolutely beautiful! I haven't personally experienced IBS but in general for things like that if you're looking for a way to sort it out without western medicine/drugs, I'd really recommend finding a reputable naturopath and seeing what they have to say? Just an option but I go to a naturopath and he's helped me sort out so many things naturally!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Thank you, I never make the most of the countryside. Thank you for your advice, I will have a look into it all xx