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For some time I have been wanting to get my hands on a make up fixing spray and see what all the hype is about, how well can a bit of mist keep your make up on throughout the day? 

Unfortunately the only fixing sprays that were regularly available were from the high end beauty and make up brands which would inevitably break the bank and is all that money really worth spending if you are not 100% certain it will work?! 

Recently, I have started noticing the drugstore brands stocking the fixing sprays, I was a little skeptical at first, but at a fraction of the price it was worth testing out and let me say I really did put this product to the test more so than I have ever tested a product before.

I bought the Maybelline Superstay 24h Setting Spray, purely down to the fact that it was on offer in Boots and I could pick up another product at half price. At just £6.99 if it doesn't work then you haven't broken the bank. On first impressions I wasn't exactly won over, like all sprays I gave the bottle a little shake before spraying at arms length all over the face, however once dried it left white blotches all over the surface of my face which proved very difficult to remove. 

However, I was determined to give it a few more chances and well it has got a little higher in my expectations. The white patches have become pretty much non existent and the make up stays put all day, however I definitely wouldn't say for 24 hours anyway. But what impresses me the most about this fixing spray is that my make up stays put when I have been swimming which we all know is quite a statement to make!! 

Overall I am fairly impressed with this product and at just £6.99 you cannot really fault it. It has definitely opened up my eyes to be a little less judgemental and to try out other products on the market, I may even spend a little more on them! 

Have you tried a setting spray before?

Alice xxx

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