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Dress: New Look, Jumper: Miss Guided, Converse*

This particular look is something I have been wanting to style for some time, I just needed to get my hands on a cropped jumper. 

I love this midi dress, it is so comfortable to wear and quick to throw on if you are in a hurry or off to work in the warmer months. It wasn't until before Christmas that I thought about styling it for winter, seriously why hadn't I thought of it before? 

Layering is my all time favourite way to dress, particularly when out shopping as it can get ridiculously hot and that really isn't a good look, so you have to dress wisely. This was the reasoning behind styling a cropped jumper over this dress, plus it brightens up the look through the pop of colour. I love that you can tie the jumper around your waist for an entirely different style which is super easy to switch up and can be done whilst out and about. 

I chose cropped as I didn't want to hide my curves away (since when have I been wanting to show off my curves?) I'm obsessed with the contrast of the midi tighter fitting dress and the oversized cropped jumper, the perfect contrast.  By adding the converse, it gave it more of a relaxed vibe and gives you the comfort to shop until you drop! 

Alice xxx 


  1. I love the colour and style of this jumper. Looks great on you and with that lip colour <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thank you :) it is a colour that I don't wear that often x

  2. Looked so amazing ��