Lifestyle // Indulge in Festive Hot Chocolate

Oh I do love Christmas and what better way to get into the festive spirit than drinking and eating your whole body weight in delicious chocolate. 

When it comes to the cold, crisp nights, snuggled on the settee with the fairy lights twinkling on the Christmas tree, your favourite Christmas film on the box and stuffing your face with the most delightful festive treats, I love to make myself a hot chocolate. 

It cannot be any old hot chocolate, it has to the prettiest and most calorific hot chocolate (although I do think next year I could maybe add a few more calories in there). I'm not normally a fan of hot chocolate but for some reason on Christmas Eve, I do love a good sip of one in my favourite Christmas mug (there may even be a small tipple of Baileys in there too!). 

I don't just make them with drinking chocolate, oh no, I have to make one with at least a full bag of chocolate orange segments, with sprinkled candy canes on top, along with a few more segments of chocolate orange and not forgetting whipped cream!! They are super easy to make, this one I added the chocolate segments to a pan of hot milk, I kept stirring and adding the segments until it was the perfect consistency - although it can never be too chocolaty!!! 

The smaller hot chocolate was made with galaxy drinking chocolate which was mixed with boiling hot water from a kettle. I then added the whipped cream on top and dunked loads of my favourite brand of chocolate on top - Kinder! It was sooooo goood!! 

Who else loves to indulge in delicious hot chocolate on Christmas Eve? 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! 

Alice xxx

Fashion // All that Shimmers

Dress: George at Asda, Bag: River Island, Heels: Topshop

Hands down December is the best month, and it is perfect if you love to play dress up; any little girls dream. Not only do you have a number of works Christmas do's and Christmas day itself, there is also New Years Eve to look forward to. 

All those sequins, frills, metallics and floaty fabrics - heart eyed emoji!! I have to admit that it has only been this year that I have enjoyed shopping for the party pieces, it all boils down to the gorgeous floaty metallic fabrics, they are simply stunning.

The high street have come up trumps this year, they have definitely upped their game with the party pieces, if you didn't look at the label you would have thought that they were high end beauties.

This midi dress is only from George at Asda and is only £16, yes you read the correctly, £16. It is absolutely beautiful, the fabric is so delicate and silky the choice of colours are just stunning, I love the colour block between quite a harsh black mixed into a very delicate silver.

What I love about this dress is that it is a very timely piece, it is perfect for New Years Eve but then you can save it for the wedding season (may I add it comes in a gorgeous pink too). 

I'd love to hear who has been loving the metallic and midi trend this year? Let me know what products you have found, I feel like my wardrobe needs a little more sparkle! 

Alice xxx