Beauty // Finding that Perfect Foundation

I don’t know about you, but I struggle a hell of a lot when it comes to buying foundation.

Having extremely pale skin which tends to get oily as the day goes on, has a lot of redness and troubled, it can make it very difficult when trying to buy the right foundation.

My skin gets used to products far too easily which means I have to switch them up on a more regular occasion, more often than not, daily.

There are so many different brands and types of foundation out there it can be so overwhelming and the lighting in the shops do not help at all; I have fallen for that myself, I have bought something which I think is the perfect match then after stepping outside it is orange!!

I have got myself a strategy which I think could be very beneficial if you have similar skin to myself or you are just starting out in the foundation world. There are five key things to think about before even stepping out of your house.
  1. What coverage are you looking for? Full/Natural/Lightweight/heavy
  2. Do you want a more dewy complexion or matte, or maybe something in-between?
  3. What formula do you prefer? Silky/Mousse/Gel
  4. What undertone would suit your skin colour? Cooler blue undertones/warmer yellow/orange undertone?
  5. Is there a particular brand you really love or not a fan of? 

Once you feel a little more certain what you would like, you are left with a smaller number of foundations to search for. I know that I prefer the heavier and matte look so I tend to just look for this description on the label, from this I look at the shades and see which suits my skin tone the best – don’t forget to step outside in the natural light to see what matches the best! Although I do like to switch it up and let my skin have a breather with lighter weight coverage.

It is trial and error, I have made major boobs in the past and I know I still will but hey you can go home and have a little chuckle over it. Don’t be too scared, your skin can change which means one foundation you might have liked a year ago might not work for you now, that’s perfectly ok! Still to this day, don’t think I have found THE foundation for me, but I guess it allows me to have a play around and try out different brands.

Good luck and I hope that these steps might help you!

Alice xxx

Fashion // Delicate Pleats

Skirt: New Look, Jumper: Primark, Boots: Zara
This is an outfit post I never thought I would be ever sharing with you, yet it is the one I have been so excited to photograph and upload.

Midi length in any item of clothing whether dresses or skirts or even cropped trousers is something I wouldn’t ever reach out for. I absolutely love the look on everyone else, but an item of clothing finishing at shin length always makes me look short and stubby and it just isn’t a good look.

For some reason this particular skirt really caught my eye; the contrast of the delicate pleats and flowing fabric to the dark autumnal colours and animal print is what drew me in. I have recently been loving the trend of the midi pleated skirts paired with a chunky knit and ankle boots, obviously I have to be a sheep and try it out myself.

I am definitely tempted to steer from my comfort zone and find a few more midi skirts; the metallic ones are beautiful and perfect for Christmas.

Have you tried out this trend yet?

Alice xxx