Autumnal Knits

The pure joy I have of bringing back out the cosy knits that have been hidings away in the depths of my wardrobe for at least eight months or so. 

Previously I loved knitted jumpers and oversized scarves for a very different reason; being very self conscious I used to mask my figure with chunky knits that were shapeless and long to hide a multitude of sins. They were always plain and very simple styles, too much colour or pattern would result in unwanted attention – or so I thought. 

However, this year I want to have more fun with the way I dress knits, yes my love for the neutral shades will always be there but I want to have a dabble with styling frills, pastel and bright shades along with patterns. And, no I am not just going to rock them with skinny jeans or leggings (well not every day) I want to mix up and revamp my look a little more!! 

Does anyone else feel like they need to revamp and brighten up their winter wardrobe? Just because the weather may be a little bit poop does not mean we have to dress how we may feel!

Alice xxx