Oversized Plaid Shirt

Dress : Primark, Shoes: George at Asda, Shirt: H&M, Sunglasses: Primark

I feel like this outfit defines my style at the moment. For the past month or so I have preferred to rock a much more casual vibe, mainly for the comfort and practicality. 

Most of the time and even when I am dressing for work I have found myself reaching for the loose fitting tee’s which will I will tuck slightly into a pair of skinny . Or I have been picking a very simple dress with a pair of tights, both of these can be worn with ankle boots, ballet pumps and if you are brave enough trainers. 

This particular outfit is my absolute fave and it gets worn an awful lot during the autumn time. I just love how you can create such an edgy vibe to a once boring jacket by using an item of clothing as an accessory – saves money too!! 

I will add that is has been inspired by the Kardashians (I’m not even sorry); they tend to wear an oversized plaid shirt a lot tied around their waists to dress up their gym attire.

However, the main reason (well I say it’s the most valid point) it is very practical for this time of year, as layering is key to dressing in the colder months. There can be a downside to layering, you either get too hot or you end up lugging around so many items of clothing, hence why I like to get an oversized shirt to tie around my waist ... you can thank me later! 

Alice xxx