Sports Luxe Vibe

Top: H&M, Leggings: Topshop, Bomber Jacket: Primark, Trainers: Nike, Sunglasses: ASOS

For about two years I have been desperate to get my hands on a bomber jacket ever since I laid my eyes on a few in Topshop back in 2014/15 but the hefty price tag always left me walking away. 

If you don't know by now, I am so picky when it comes to the right item of clothing or product especially when it comes to coats. Being extremely self conscious there are only certain styles I will go for and most bomber jackets are off the list as they are too padded... well that is until I found THE ONE in Primark last weekend, oh and did I mention it hardly left a dent in the purse too? 

Really, what more would you want from a bomber jacket, it is light weight but has enough padding to keep you warm through the colder months, it goes with everything and looks exactly the same as the ones in Topshop!! I love how you can really switch your style up with just a jacket, for me this is not my usual style but I am liking the casual sports feel to it when I've added my fave trainers. 

Alice xxx

August Favourites

I've not done a monthly favourites in quite some time, it's probably around six months or so as I last posted one when we were in the flat. I have to say it is not my favourite thing to blog if I am being honest, for me it is something that works better as a YouTube video however, I don't have a channel at the moment and I am desperate to share these few products. 

Most of them are beauty products and a couple aren't pictured as they are TV shows. 

A month or so I hit rock bottom as I completely run out of foundation, it was literally the end of the world. Usually I wouldn't be so devastated but I had work and have been struggling with such bad skin at the moment, those red patches were not pretty to look at. Instead of heading to your usual drugstore brands I ventured to the No7 stand as I wanted to pay a little more for a better quality product and hey presto I purchased this Beautifully Matte Foundation in Calico - the perfect match to my skin tone. It is a medium to full coverage which was on the top of my list along with being matte to give me a flawless finish which wouldn't be troubled with my oily skin. I love it, and it lasts all day!! 

Two of my newest Mac additions make the list in August; the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish and the Mac Frost Lipstick in Angel, this is such a beautiful angelic pink shade with is super natural with a hint of shimmer, perfect for everyday wear. The highlighter, well what can I say, I have not used anything else since. It is so delicate and dreamy giving a natural shimmer, it is super build-able too if you want that super glowy summer look. Both were impulse purchases when I recently visited London for the weekend. 

The last beauty product is this mini Benefit Ready Set Brow Gel that I got in a magazine a couple months back and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I have never known a gel work so well, my brows just don't budge for the full day, I cannot wait to go out and buy a full size one. 

For most of this year I've been doing Slimming World, it is going alright but I could be doing so much better and probably lose the weight quicker if I don't sneak those biscuits and chocolates on an evening. A huge saviour for me are these hifi bars; they do come in different flavours and are pretty much a glorified cereal bar but are "meant" to be healthy - although it would be interesting to see how healthy they actually are. But hey, if they taste good I'm gonna eat them. 

Finally, a couple of things which are not pictured that I have been loving throughout August are two television shows on Netflix; 90210 and Stranger Things. Ok, I've been obsessing over them, they are just too good and when I am hooked on a show I have to watch it until it has finished whether it has 20 something episodes a series or just eight I will get through them as soon as possible. Both very different shows but dramatic on very different levels, if you have some spare time I would definitely recommend watching Stranger Things.

Alice xxx