PS Pro Oval Brushes

I have been dying to get my hands on some of these oval beauty brushes ever since they were first launched a few months ago, they are so unusual and I was really keen to see how they worked, p.s. don't they just remind you of the dentist?! (random I know) 

I've watched a number of YouTuber's reviews of these brushes some were good and some were not so good which made me want to hold off until I found a cheaper version and voila, Primark unveiled their PS Pro range a few months ago. 

On first impressions it is clear that they are cheaper products, they range starts from around £2 through to £5 or £6 and they have a number of sizes to choose from. The main neck of the brush is quite flimsy plastic, if you apply a lot of pressure it does seem to bend a little. However, the bristles are extremely soft making it easier to apply the products. I was quite shocked as I expected them to be more of a horse hair; much more sturdier. 

For me I wasn't so sure the first time I used these brushes, I used the bigger one to apply my foundation and I felt like I needed a lot of product, twice as much as I normally would to get the application I wanted and it seemed like the softness of the bristles soaked up the foundation. Next time I do think that dotting the foundation onto my face first before blending could be the way to go around it. 

I am pleased that I didn't spend a lot on them, but I am going to persevere with them a little longer to see if I can get the perfect technique for me. 

Have you tried these oval beauty brushes yet? 

Alice xxx