Rocking that 90s Look

It's tricky transitioning your outfits from winter to spring in Britain, some days it is absolutely boiling and other days you would think you are in the middle of winter again. I am quite a fan of layering pieces together, but it can be tricky when wearing a dress, there is nothing worse than having to throw on a jumper or cardigan over the top. 

Recently I have got into the habit of wearing a long jersey strappy top under all of my outfits, it is a perfect layer which is nice and snug to the skin keeping you warm but completely hidden!!!

I am in love with this denim dress from Primark, ask me last year if I would be rocking one then I'd be laughing in your face but this 90s trend is actually winning me over. It is extremely light weight which is why I believe I suit the style and don't look like a little kid, the tie around the waist helps by cinching me in showing off my curves rather than an A-Line dress which might look like a sack of spuds on me. 

There are so many denim dress out there, so there certainly is a style for everyone!!

Alice xxx