Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

Maybelline have recently released a brand new brow product - the Brow Drama Pomade Crayon, after catching the advert on TV I instantly felt the need to nip to my local Boots and pick one up. 

After all it had a lot to live up to after the advert states that you can master the perfect brow in one sweep, sculpting and taming the hairs. What's not to love? It is the perfect product for on the go, it doesn't require any tools and in seconds you will get the perfect brow for only £5.99!!

I was quite dubious when I had the product in my hand, the crayon itself is fairly stubby even before the first application which made me think how precise can it be, especially if you have very thin brows. Adding the consistency into the equation as well, a crayon is soft and waxy and a pomade is waxy and very pigmented, so all three together do not seem to bode well. 

You will be pleased to hear that it all teams together well and is extremely easy to use. The Brow Pomade Crayon is very light on application so if you like your brows to look natural then I would instantly reach for this product without a shadow of a doubt, the pigmentation is not very strong so I would advise to get it one shade darker than you would usually go for. If you are a fan of fuller, thicker and structured brows then this product is not for you!

Please keep in mind that there are only three shades available at the moment; Dark Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown (I went for this one). I presume that over the next few months they will be releasing more shades, it would be a little bit silly if they didn't as there isn't really a product out there which is similar.

I'd love to hear what you think of this product?

Alice xxx

A Beautiful Sunny Sunday

It has been yet another perfect weekend spent with family, I have to cherish my time wisely working six days a week and even then on my day off I'm usually spend it cooped up inside on my laptop either doing work or my blog.

Sunday was my free day this week and the weather turned out to be absolutely beautiful prompting a lovely trip to Holmfirth for a good mooch around the souvenir and antique shops along with a pit stop for lunch in a cute cafe.

Even though the sun was shining it was a little too cool to just head out in this little black lace dress, so I decided to layer my denim shirt over the top  keeping it fairly casual. I didn't want to feel too uncomfortable dressing up to the nines for a casual walk around the countryside but I still wanted to look stylish!

Alice xxx