Sticking To My Resolution

When it comes to starting a New Year and the stroke of midnight on the 1st January comes around the first thing people always ask is; what is your New Years Resolution? Well normally I don't make one, what is the point when I never stick to it, the second week of January and I have completely failed - yeah I always want to live a healthier lifestyle but that can be done bit by bit, not go cold turkey.

This year I sat down and thought to myself what is it that I actually want to change with my life? The only thing I could think of was to enjoy myself more, I am far too busy living my life too seriously, yes we have to be cautious but we can also have fun along the way. I am 22 years old, I should be going out and having fun, experience things that I wouldn't normally do like go out to the countryside and visit the local sculpture park - hence why I am wearing wellies and stood in the middle of numerous fields.

I thought that it was the right time to write this blog post seen as we are in the final week of January and my resolution seems to have stuck fairly well, after all I did travel to Manchester on Saturday evening to spend the evening drinking ridiculously tasty cocktails to celebrate a friends birthday and then make sure I was back in Yorkshire to work on Sunday. This time last year I would have passed on the event and have been tucked up in bed by 9pm!!!

I would love to hear what your New Years Resolution is? Have you stuck to it still?

Alice xxx