First Impressions - Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano is a beauty brand I have never tried before and one that I believe is fairly new to the UK. I have seen a few bloggers discuss this brand recently, one of them being Just Jodes so thought I should try it. Kiko would be in the market between drugstore and high end brands, it can be purse friendly but slightly more expensive than the likes of L'Oreal, Rimmel etc.

I always look at the Kiko store in town when I walk past, so this particular afternoon I decided to venture inside instead of heading to Boots as I needed to pick up some foundation and primer, plus they always have a sale or discount. I have been trialing them both for a couple of weeks now to see how I feel about them before I wrote this blog post as I didn't want to give you false hope or the wrong impression.

For some reason this foundation stood out to me over the others, one of the main reasons was that it has a pump for easy application. My overall impression is that I really like this product, I maybe should have gone for the lighter shade but it can be blended well so you don't get that foundation line around your jawline. It gives a great thick full coverage which is what I love from a foundation as I like to hide all of my imperfections, so if your not a fan of this then maybe it is not quite the right product for you.

At first it is more of an oil based liquid but when blended it thickens to a waxy texture very similar to the L'oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation. Once on, it sticks really well to the skin, even though it gives the full coverage, your face has the dewy look and you still feel that your skin can breathe which is fantastic and very beneficial. The foundation is a fantastic base for the rest of your products, they all seem blend extremely well - especially with blusher as it seems to have that extra pop of colour than usual.

The second product I picked up was this City Filter primer which has SPF 50, I feel this is important to look at when purchasing skincare and beauty products. You might not think you need to in winter but there are still a lot of UV rays which can have an affect on your skin in years to come.

At first I wasn't a fan of this product, it seemed very sticky and left your skin feeling tacky making the foundation very difficult to blend. I believe this is down to the fact that I had just washed my face so potentially there were a few water particles left on my skin, also, the primer is a sunscreen too.

However, I have soon come to like this product, I leave my face that little bit longer after doing my skincare routine before applying and there is no tackiness. You really do not need to apply a lot as a little really does go a very long way, which is great as it saves those pennies too.

I do believe that I have found a fantastic new beauty brand to continue to use and to try a few of their other products. Who knows there could be a few dupes or hidden gems on their shelves that we are not aware of. 

Alice xxx