Lifestyle // Stuck in a Bloggers Rut?

Coat: New Look, Skirt: Hollister, Top: Ivy Park - Topshop, Shoes: Next

Stuck in a bloggers rut? Yeah me too, and it seems to be oh so difficult to worm myself out of it!

The weird thing is, I have got so many ideas bubbling up in my head, but getting to write them down or take action on them is proving to be quite tricky. I just lose all focus and then another week has gone without any interesting and fun blog posts. Does this happen to anyone else?

Juggling a full time job, puppy, new house and a blog that I am trying to grow is very time consuming. I am well aware it does not have to be and sometimes excuses are probably the main issue here, we just need to tell ourselves it is ok to hit a brick wall (well metaphorically anyway) and time away is the best way to clear our heads.

For me, writing this post is key to get out of this rut and move on and produce content that I finally feel proud of again. I do feel like I have taken a giant leap the past couple of months with the quality of my outfit posts and have realised that this is my route to take going forward.

I just need to keep remembering that everyone is different and to stop comparing myself to others, it isn’t healthy and I must keep my own personality.

Sorry for bambling on and going off on a little rant, but I feel now I have shared this with you I can finally move forward!!

It would be great to hear how many other bloggers out there get like this and how often it happens?

Alice xxx


  1. honestly i have been writing my blog for a while now and i'll tell you what you still get bloggers block it never fully goes away! my one way of curing it has been to change up my schedule every now and then and keeping some posts saved as drafts to post if it gets really bad.


    1. I am so happy that I am not the only one, it can be a nightmare and it has left me feeling a little down. It is so hard to push yourself when you are in a bit of rut. I might take your advice if I have this issue in the future. xx