That Grey Vibe

 Jumper: H&M, Leather Jacket: H&M, Leggings: Topshop, Bag: Kardashians, Boots: New Look, Sunglasses: Primark

Cosy knits are slowly creeping back into my wardrobe and I could not be happier. I just love that snuggly, cosy and warm feeling you get from a good knit on crisp autumnal days. 

The latest addition to my wardrobe is this grey jumper with the white shirt from H&M; my only thought process behind this buy was the fact that my new house needed new clothes!! 

This particular style of jumper with the shirt attached (its not a full shirt may I add) has been very popular the past few years, particularly with Primark. However, they have always been a much cheaper and thicker knit and just not my cup of tea, but then this little beauty from H&M caught my eye.

 The knit is much more delicate and extremely soft; it is almost like it could be cashmere but with less of a price tag. I love how smart and sophisticated it looks with the beautiful crisp linen shirt underneath making it perfect to wear at the office.

As it is a much thinner knit, it is great to layer up either with a a small cami underneath or a beautiful oversized knitted scarf!! 

Alice xxx


  1. This is such a lovely look! I love the look of shirts layered under jumpers, but I always find it feels too bulky, so I think a jumper with the shirt part attached would be the perfect compromise! Anything monochrome is right up my street, and I love how casually chic this outfit is :)

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. Thank you :) I'm exactly the same and the cheaper versions do feel a little bulky but this one is perfect!! Wish they did it in other colours too xx

  2. Love this look! The layered top, biker jacket and accessories work so well together. I went for a similar shirt/jumper from primark and i'm definitely on the lookout for more!


    1. Thank you. It is so easy to wear and perfect for any occasion, however I do seem to repeat myself a lot with that statement haha x