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I could blab on for blog posts after blog posts on how much we are now in my favourite time of the year, but I thought I would spare you from it – you can thank me later! 

For a couple of weeks I had been ankering after going pumpkin picking at my local farm. After getting my first ever experience of it last year, I was so desperate to get back out there but the weather had been far too miserable. Well, yesterday the time came where I could let my inner child out and scour the fields for THE perfect pumpkin, plus sharing the joyous occasion with my little pup! 

Halloween is definitely more of an American holiday, over here in Britain you will get the odd trick or treaters at your door, maybe even an egg thrown at your property but we just don’t get that excited about it over here. Can I just ask why?? 

Every year a local farm opens up its gates to welcome floods of people to his land to pick pumpkins, and oh my there are a lot to look through. We are talking fields after fields full of pumpkins; orange, green, white and yellow ones and then you get to carve them in a massive tent once purchased. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing completely wrong with shop bought pumpkins, they are super affordable and easy to bundle into your shopping trolley once doing the food shop but there is just something exciting about getting your wellies on and trampling through the mud to pick your own. 

We are running a bit out of time as Halloween is a week today, but I would definitely recommend finding your local pumpkin patch and going to pick your own!! 

Alice xxx


  1. I am so jealous I have always wanted to go and pick my own pumpkin it so much nicer that picking one up at the supermarket.

    1. You should definitely have a google to find your nearest, it is a fun experience xx