Fashion // Hottest Trend - Shearling Jackets

Dress: Homemade, Jacket: New Look, Boots: Zara

Over the past month, shearling coats have been making their way onto the rails on the high street and without a shadow of doubt they have become the biggest trend for winter this year.  

Last winter we had the oversized camel boyfriend coat and now this has made way for the shorter jacket. Both are quite masculine and boxy styles, which don’t appeal to everyone, but they are extremely popular.

Suddenly, I remembered that I actually own a shearling jacket. A couple of years ago, my boyfriend bought me this beautiful cream one from New Look. It is quite different as there isn’t a buckle around the waistband and the fabric is much thicker and heavier creating a more structured and boxy style compared to the popular black on in Topshop.

I am so glad I didn’t part ways with it earlier on in the year, I was debating on giving it away as I have hardly worn it due to it being cream and a more masculine shape. Now it is on trend I can see myself wearing this beauty a lot more throughout winter. 

Alice xxx

Fashion // Faux Fur Gilet

Jumper: H&M, Skirt: River Island, Gilet: Charity Shop, Boots: Next

I’ve been waiting patiently for a number of months to find the right time to bring out my faux fur gilet from the depths of my wardrobe (I haven’t been wishing half the year away at all...)

Last weekend was the perfect opportunity and had so much fun styling it (you may think it’s an all black outfit, what is there to think about.... well on this occasion quite a bit). I wanted to go for the, oh she looks like she’s just thrown the first thing she saw but looks super stylish vibe!! Surely it is not just the celebrities that pull off this look is it?!

I pulled out this black mini skirt that I bought absolutely ages ago from River Island and teamed it with a black jumper which I tucked in and wore a pair of tights and heeled boots. The gilet pieced it all together beautifully; it added just the right amount of glamour to what could be perceived as a dull outfit which tied in with the smart/casual family event I was attending that day.

The best thing about this outfit is that I felt so comfortable, snugly and warm without feeling out of place. For me this is key to finding the right style for you!

Alice xxx

Lifestyle // Pumpkin Picking


I could blab on for blog posts after blog posts on how much we are now in my favourite time of the year, but I thought I would spare you from it – you can thank me later! 

For a couple of weeks I had been ankering after going pumpkin picking at my local farm. After getting my first ever experience of it last year, I was so desperate to get back out there but the weather had been far too miserable. Well, yesterday the time came where I could let my inner child out and scour the fields for THE perfect pumpkin, plus sharing the joyous occasion with my little pup! 

Halloween is definitely more of an American holiday, over here in Britain you will get the odd trick or treaters at your door, maybe even an egg thrown at your property but we just don’t get that excited about it over here. Can I just ask why?? 

Every year a local farm opens up its gates to welcome floods of people to his land to pick pumpkins, and oh my there are a lot to look through. We are talking fields after fields full of pumpkins; orange, green, white and yellow ones and then you get to carve them in a massive tent once purchased. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing completely wrong with shop bought pumpkins, they are super affordable and easy to bundle into your shopping trolley once doing the food shop but there is just something exciting about getting your wellies on and trampling through the mud to pick your own. 

We are running a bit out of time as Halloween is a week today, but I would definitely recommend finding your local pumpkin patch and going to pick your own!! 

Alice xxx

Autumnal Knits

The pure joy I have of bringing back out the cosy knits that have been hidings away in the depths of my wardrobe for at least eight months or so. 

Previously I loved knitted jumpers and oversized scarves for a very different reason; being very self conscious I used to mask my figure with chunky knits that were shapeless and long to hide a multitude of sins. They were always plain and very simple styles, too much colour or pattern would result in unwanted attention – or so I thought. 

However, this year I want to have more fun with the way I dress knits, yes my love for the neutral shades will always be there but I want to have a dabble with styling frills, pastel and bright shades along with patterns. And, no I am not just going to rock them with skinny jeans or leggings (well not every day) I want to mix up and revamp my look a little more!! 

Does anyone else feel like they need to revamp and brighten up their winter wardrobe? Just because the weather may be a little bit poop does not mean we have to dress how we may feel!

Alice xxx

Warm Bronze Tones

Autumnal days call out for the natural warm bronze tones, my all time favourite shades!! 

Let's face it, my make up looks very rarely change, hence the lack of beauty posts. I do love to play around with my make up products but the end result always looks exactly the same. 

On a regular day at the office I tend to steer clear of the eyeliner, especially the liquid eyeliner and go for a much more natural look; usually if I want a little bit of definition above my lash line, I sweep a bit of darker eye shadow across. 

I absolutely love brown and bronze shades; they compliment my fair skin tone, green eyes and brunette hair extremely well. For this look, I used the shimmery brown shades in my Urban Decay Smokey Eyeshadow Palette and then used the Benefit Hoola to enhance my cheekbones a little before blotting a little of the Mac Velvet Teddy on my lips. 

Alice xxx

That Grey Vibe

 Jumper: H&M, Leather Jacket: H&M, Leggings: Topshop, Bag: Kardashians, Boots: New Look, Sunglasses: Primark

Cosy knits are slowly creeping back into my wardrobe and I could not be happier. I just love that snuggly, cosy and warm feeling you get from a good knit on crisp autumnal days. 

The latest addition to my wardrobe is this grey jumper with the white shirt from H&M; my only thought process behind this buy was the fact that my new house needed new clothes!! 

This particular style of jumper with the shirt attached (its not a full shirt may I add) has been very popular the past few years, particularly with Primark. However, they have always been a much cheaper and thicker knit and just not my cup of tea, but then this little beauty from H&M caught my eye.

 The knit is much more delicate and extremely soft; it is almost like it could be cashmere but with less of a price tag. I love how smart and sophisticated it looks with the beautiful crisp linen shirt underneath making it perfect to wear at the office.

As it is a much thinner knit, it is great to layer up either with a a small cami underneath or a beautiful oversized knitted scarf!! 

Alice xxx