August Favourites

I've not done a monthly favourites in quite some time, it's probably around six months or so as I last posted one when we were in the flat. I have to say it is not my favourite thing to blog if I am being honest, for me it is something that works better as a YouTube video however, I don't have a channel at the moment and I am desperate to share these few products. 

Most of them are beauty products and a couple aren't pictured as they are TV shows. 

A month or so I hit rock bottom as I completely run out of foundation, it was literally the end of the world. Usually I wouldn't be so devastated but I had work and have been struggling with such bad skin at the moment, those red patches were not pretty to look at. Instead of heading to your usual drugstore brands I ventured to the No7 stand as I wanted to pay a little more for a better quality product and hey presto I purchased this Beautifully Matte Foundation in Calico - the perfect match to my skin tone. It is a medium to full coverage which was on the top of my list along with being matte to give me a flawless finish which wouldn't be troubled with my oily skin. I love it, and it lasts all day!! 

Two of my newest Mac additions make the list in August; the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish and the Mac Frost Lipstick in Angel, this is such a beautiful angelic pink shade with is super natural with a hint of shimmer, perfect for everyday wear. The highlighter, well what can I say, I have not used anything else since. It is so delicate and dreamy giving a natural shimmer, it is super build-able too if you want that super glowy summer look. Both were impulse purchases when I recently visited London for the weekend. 

The last beauty product is this mini Benefit Ready Set Brow Gel that I got in a magazine a couple months back and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I have never known a gel work so well, my brows just don't budge for the full day, I cannot wait to go out and buy a full size one. 

For most of this year I've been doing Slimming World, it is going alright but I could be doing so much better and probably lose the weight quicker if I don't sneak those biscuits and chocolates on an evening. A huge saviour for me are these hifi bars; they do come in different flavours and are pretty much a glorified cereal bar but are "meant" to be healthy - although it would be interesting to see how healthy they actually are. But hey, if they taste good I'm gonna eat them. 

Finally, a couple of things which are not pictured that I have been loving throughout August are two television shows on Netflix; 90210 and Stranger Things. Ok, I've been obsessing over them, they are just too good and when I am hooked on a show I have to watch it until it has finished whether it has 20 something episodes a series or just eight I will get through them as soon as possible. Both very different shows but dramatic on very different levels, if you have some spare time I would definitely recommend watching Stranger Things.

Alice xxx

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  1. hi great post. Im loving the new MAC 50 years star trek range, and just binged on Stranger Things on Netflix (looking forward to season 2, I hope)