Primark Rose Gold Delicates

I'm sure it is pretty clear the theme of this post - yes you guessed it Rose Gold!! I am obsessed with this shade, it brings a whole new meaning to metals which are something I am not a fan of - maybe because it takes me back to my school days where the chavs used to rock an awful lot of "gold" jewellery and it became quite tacky. 

These three necklaces are absolutely beautiful, they are so delicate and dainty especially the figure eight one - perfect to break up the neckline when wearing a shirt or cami top. The "diamonds/stones" (can we just dream that they are diamonds please?) add the feminine delicate touch to this piece, even though it is small it could dress up any item. (I do have a fourth but have lost it in the depths of my room (insert the crying emoji)). Looking at these, you would certainly not have expected them to be from Primark! 

I love Primark jewellery, it is so affordable, I think the most expensive necklace here was £2, I reckon you could have six or seven items of jewellery in your basket and it will come to around a tenner!! Primark have a fantastic range of jewellery, something that has grown in strength as the years have gone by and now they have added the most beautiful rose gold collection to their shelves and I am a huge fan.

 Rose Gold is such a beautiful shade, it is far from a harsh metal such as the gold and silver - don't get me wrong these metals make for lovely engagement and wedding rings but for me and everyday wear I much prefer a more subtle shade which is whats created with the pink/rose undertones. In different lights it can shine very different.

Are you a fan of Primark jewellery or picked up any of their rose gold items yet? 

Alice xxx

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