Beauty Palette Love

On first glances, just look how gorgeous these blusher palettes, the colours are so summery and to die for. 

Since Make Up Revolution made their entrance into the beauty world, I made my first purchase of a beauty palette and from there I never looked back, looking at my collection I own around five or six including these three new additions. 

A few weeks ago I had quite the shopping spree, although I must add that it was my birthday money that I was spending so that is acceptable right? The first palette I picked up was this Freedom Contour Palette. On first impressions, I loved it; the packaging is very Nars, very small, simple and compact making it easy if you are traveling around. 

On the first application I had mixed feelings, the product just stuck to the area where I applied it and would not blend leaving me with grubby cheeks. I'm not too sure whether it was down to applying my foundation with a damp beauty blender that caused the product to stick, on the second occasion I left a longer gap between my foundation and the bronzer which helped slightly. 

Onto the most perfect and versatile product of them all; this Smashbox Crush on Blush palette is just amazing. I picked this up at the discounted beauty store at Cheshire Oaks for just under half the price (although I can never tell if they claim the original price is accurate), it is the first product from Smashbox I have ever owned, they also had the Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette too which I now wish I purchased. 

The blushers are a little vibrant for my skin tone as I am fairly pale, but with a lot of blending and not applying a lot of product at once, it blends really well. I wore it for my birthday night out, and on top of a tan is gorgeous!! 

This product is so versatile, you can create so many looks; go for a contour, a nice summer glow or a flush of pink!! Plus you can use it on your eyes too, the colours are perfect for the summer months. 

 Finally, but no mean least is this Sleek Eyes and Cheek Palette, just look at how stunning all the shades are. Once again you can create so many different looks with this one product, every shade is highly pigmented and blends extremely well. For months on end I have gone to the Sleek counter picked up this particular product and then put it back as I was unsure on how much I would use it. I actually bought this from another make up shop at Cheshire Oaks, so it was at a discounted price which was the reason why I bought it. 

My favourite shade in this palette is the pink, it is so vibrant but I love that it goes onto the skin so much lighter so you don't end up looking like a clown. 

I am definitely buying more products from Sleek and Smashbox in the future. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to create different beauty looks using these products in this blog post. 

Alice xxx

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