Another Monochrome Day

I have fallen back in love with blogging recently. The lighter nights are certainly my best friend right now, it means I can get back from a day of work and still be able to take my blog photos without having to use studio lights. It also gives you the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas to create beautiful backgrounds for outfit posts whilst being able to clear the air and feel all refreshed - however it can also result in arguments with the loved ones as the photos are not how you visioned them in your head.

I am still experimenting with my new camera, I believe this is the fun part of having a blog, working out how to better yourself and create visually interesting content. Previously my outfit posts have been clean, crisp and bright but recently I have thought, what would my blog look like with grainier images creating a bit more depth?! Well I can certainly say that I quite like how these images have turned out, it is trial and error as some seem a bit pixelated and blurry, however from an artistic point of view I like it, it is the perfect contrast to a very monochrome outfit. On the other hand I am aware that some readers won't and that is ok, it is finding the right balance.

Even though I have a full time job that requires me to work six days a week, the remainder of 2016 will consist of setting myself new goals and challenges with my blog. It would be amazing to see my small space of the internet flourish and have a growing audience and I feel this will work through experimenting and pushing my comfort zone!!

 Alice xxx


  1. What beautiful photos and the setting is to die for! I have to say, Summer is definitely the time my blog get's notched up a gear. It's so much easier isn't it?
    Bee |

    1. Thank you, I think that the background has a huge impact on your images, I wish Summer was all year around x