Another Monochrome Day

I have fallen back in love with blogging recently. The lighter nights are certainly my best friend right now, it means I can get back from a day of work and still be able to take my blog photos without having to use studio lights. It also gives you the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas to create beautiful backgrounds for outfit posts whilst being able to clear the air and feel all refreshed - however it can also result in arguments with the loved ones as the photos are not how you visioned them in your head.

I am still experimenting with my new camera, I believe this is the fun part of having a blog, working out how to better yourself and create visually interesting content. Previously my outfit posts have been clean, crisp and bright but recently I have thought, what would my blog look like with grainier images creating a bit more depth?! Well I can certainly say that I quite like how these images have turned out, it is trial and error as some seem a bit pixelated and blurry, however from an artistic point of view I like it, it is the perfect contrast to a very monochrome outfit. On the other hand I am aware that some readers won't and that is ok, it is finding the right balance.

Even though I have a full time job that requires me to work six days a week, the remainder of 2016 will consist of setting myself new goals and challenges with my blog. It would be amazing to see my small space of the internet flourish and have a growing audience and I feel this will work through experimenting and pushing my comfort zone!!

 Alice xxx

The Print Trouser

Printed trousers, specifically the loose fit style like these are going to be a stable piece in my wardrobe this summer. They are super easy to piece together and are extremely comfortable to wear, especially in the warmer weather.

A lot of people get nervous when it comes to wearing a pair of patterned trousers, I have to hold my hand up and admit that I am one of those people. For me a pattern whether it be bright multi colours and flowery or geometric print and monochrome, they are all out of my comfort zone. Plus if we are including the fact that they are a loose fit makes me even more comfortable as I sometimes think they can be quite unflattering.

Last year I stumbled across this monochrome pair from Dorothy Perkins, the fit is just perfect, they come from just below my belly which is great as I much prefer high waisted trousers and they taper down to the ankle which elongates the leg.

They are elasticated around the waist with a tie to tighten them and to cinch you in to create shape and curves. I love wearing these on a much warmer day as the fabric is very loose and thin making them breathable and cooler. The only downside to these trousers are when you sit down or kneel, the fabric goes baggy around the knees and you walk around looking a little silly.

After this I have been on the look out and bought a further few pairs of trousers similar to these and I absolutely adore them. No doubt about it, they will be featured on my social media accounts; Twitter and Instagram over the next couple of months.

Beauty Palette Love

On first glances, just look how gorgeous these blusher palettes, the colours are so summery and to die for. 

Since Make Up Revolution made their entrance into the beauty world, I made my first purchase of a beauty palette and from there I never looked back, looking at my collection I own around five or six including these three new additions. 

A few weeks ago I had quite the shopping spree, although I must add that it was my birthday money that I was spending so that is acceptable right? The first palette I picked up was this Freedom Contour Palette. On first impressions, I loved it; the packaging is very Nars, very small, simple and compact making it easy if you are traveling around. 

On the first application I had mixed feelings, the product just stuck to the area where I applied it and would not blend leaving me with grubby cheeks. I'm not too sure whether it was down to applying my foundation with a damp beauty blender that caused the product to stick, on the second occasion I left a longer gap between my foundation and the bronzer which helped slightly. 

Onto the most perfect and versatile product of them all; this Smashbox Crush on Blush palette is just amazing. I picked this up at the discounted beauty store at Cheshire Oaks for just under half the price (although I can never tell if they claim the original price is accurate), it is the first product from Smashbox I have ever owned, they also had the Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette too which I now wish I purchased. 

The blushers are a little vibrant for my skin tone as I am fairly pale, but with a lot of blending and not applying a lot of product at once, it blends really well. I wore it for my birthday night out, and on top of a tan is gorgeous!! 

This product is so versatile, you can create so many looks; go for a contour, a nice summer glow or a flush of pink!! Plus you can use it on your eyes too, the colours are perfect for the summer months. 

 Finally, but no mean least is this Sleek Eyes and Cheek Palette, just look at how stunning all the shades are. Once again you can create so many different looks with this one product, every shade is highly pigmented and blends extremely well. For months on end I have gone to the Sleek counter picked up this particular product and then put it back as I was unsure on how much I would use it. I actually bought this from another make up shop at Cheshire Oaks, so it was at a discounted price which was the reason why I bought it. 

My favourite shade in this palette is the pink, it is so vibrant but I love that it goes onto the skin so much lighter so you don't end up looking like a clown. 

I am definitely buying more products from Sleek and Smashbox in the future. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to create different beauty looks using these products in this blog post. 

Alice xxx

Transitioning into Warmer Weather

Heels - Primark, Jeans - George at Asda, Blouse - Dorothy Perkins, Jacket - Miss Selfridge (all old)

Choosing an outfit for work when you live in the UK and the weather is transitioning from Spring to Summer can be the most stressful part of your day, you could look at the weather app on your phone one minute and its glorious sunshine at 24 degrees and the next minute its cloudy and dropped to 16 degrees. If your anything like me then you will turn up to work completely stressed out and ready to go back home to bed for a long sleep.

Working in a huge metal building can also drive you a little crazy when you are trying to plan your outfits too (typical girl) as this also goes from one extreme to another, you either feel like your sitting in a freezer with your feet turning into ice cubes or you are sat in the middle of the Sahara Dessert on the hottest day of the year - not fun.

This particular outfit was all planned around these gorgeous suede camel cut out heels from Primark, however looking at the detailing you would have thought they would have cost a lot more than £15. My favourite part of these shoes has to be the heel with the gold mirrored panel on the inside matching the zip gives it that glamorous edge and it just finishing them off. I teamed them with my skinny cut out jeans but rolled them up at the bottom so you could see the full details of my shoes and well you know expose my ankles to the fresh air!

However, they might look pretty but I was in an awful lot of pain from the minute I stepped out the door. They are extremely comfy as the heel is fairly low but the cut out around my toes was the problem, as I am not used to wearing them (it could potentially be the first time wearing them since I bought them last Summer - tut tut) they rubbed my big toe to bits, it's not going to stop me from wearing them though!! 

Alice xxx

What I Got For My Birthday

A week ago today was my birthday and I turned the grand old age of *drum roll please* 23. You are all probably shouting at you computer screens saying that being 23 is still young, well let me tell you something, a weekend of celebrating left me feeling extremely old and has taken me pretty much the full week to recover!! Where have my uni days of partying three nights a week gone?! 

(Just a side note, I absolutely love reading posts of what people got for their birthdays, in no means am I trying to brag or show off my gifts, I am extremely grateful and lucky for what I received. If you are nosey like me then read on, if you're not then click away.)

I had the most amazing bank holiday weekend celebrating, unfortunately the day and night of my birthday was spent working resulting in putting all celebrations minus unwrapping presents until the following day, after all if the Queen can have two birthdays then so can I! My boyfriend had booked a hotel in Widnes where I had been working so we only had a half hour journey to Cheshire Oaks on the Saturday and boy was I going to spend my money.

The whole weekend was spent eating cake, cupcakes and drinking a lot of fizz and cocktails, not very Slimming World friendly mind. My mum bought me the cutest cupcakes I had ever seen, certainly trumped Hummingbird Bakery on this occasion, just look how cute the little pugs are. Staying on the theme of cakes and pugs, my boyfriend and his family had searched high and low in numerous Asda's to pick me up this pug cake, very scrummy indeed. 

I haven't photographed all of my presents as I didn't want to bore you all but also it is nice to keep a few things to myself but I am sure they will feature on my social media accounts in the near future. My mum and dad bought me the most amazing bag from Topshop, I mean just look how beautiful it is and that is thanks to Suzie from Hello October who featured it in one of her videos. They also got me a Mac Viva Glam Lipstick, it is not the shade that I would usually go for, it looks quite brown however once on the lips it is far more of a neutral pink shade with a brown undertone.  

My boyfriend did extremely well with the beauty shopping, he keeps improving as Christmases and birthdays go along. The first thing he got me which I may have given a slight nudge to is this gorgeous limited edition Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush perfume, it is the exact same scent as the Daisy perfume that comes in the blue bottles however it has a fresher feel about it. Being limited edition makes me a little sad that when it runs out I can't go and replace it. 

He also took a trip to the Benefit counter and got me the Rockateur blusher to replace the one I am currently using as it as almost run out. I am in love with this blusher, it is such a beautiful bronzy pink shade which has a bit of a gold highlight to it once applied on the cheeks. The second product from Benefit was the Shy Beam which has only been released recently, I cannot go into too much detail as I have only used it the once but I can definitely say that we are going to be the best of friends. 

Finally, but no means least just look at those rose gold/bronze wine glasses and tumbler, how pretty are they?!?! These are from a shop called Oliver Bonas, which has just opened up in Leeds and I am in LOVE, it is my new favourite store and have to venture in everytime I pop into town, how I have not spent my full wage in there is beyond me. 

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post and I just wanted to say thank you to my family and friends who made it special!!! 

Alice xxx