Experimenting with the Canon 700D

 Bit of a different post from me today, but I hope you like it non the less. Last week I took the plunge and said good bye to my bank balance by purchasing the Canon 700D, it has been on my Amazon wishlist for some time but never had the guts to click buy until the price dropped and it only told me there was one left in stock (cracking selling technique by the company!!)

I had fallen out of love with photography for quite a while as I just could not get the imagery I had visualised in my head but I knew the quality of this camera would be exceptional and my blog can move forward in a positive light. Plus I hear its a pretty decent camera to film videos with too, so maybe, just maybe my YouTube channel could be on the comeback?! 

Over the week I had been itching to take it our for a spin and finally on Saturday I was able to do this when my SD cards arrived. Some of my shots are a little out of focus I'm still getting used to the lense with automatic zoom and doing it manually, but hey we all have to learn don't we. 

I'd love to hear any tip and tricks you may have up your sleeve which could improve my content further, leave me a comment below.

Alice xxx

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