Dreaming Over A Spot of Lunch

 I love finding unique coffee shops, I get a bit fed up of going to the same places week in week out so to find hidden gems like this place gets me very excited. I randomly stumbled across Mr and Mrs C's when shopping in my local town and immediately knew I would become such a huge fan of it, just look at how amazing the decor is, so vintage, chic and extremely relaxing and calming. Anything with fairly lights, bronze accessories and palettes as furniture has me sealed! 

The cafe is owned by a young couple who have obviously wanted to take a bit of a risk and a new journey and it has certainly paid off. There is a fantastic choice of food all made from fresh and the drinks are just spot on! I'd love to find more places like this, especially if they serve afternoon tea!

Alice xxx

A Khaki Dream

This outfit contains two of my favourite things in fashion and both feature in just the one item in this post; a fedora and the colour khaki. I absolutely love fedoras but it is not something you will see me in often, not sure on the reason why but I tend to forget that they are sitting there in my wardrobe.

Fedora's are a great staple piece, they can tie an outfit together whatever the season is especially coming in the vast range of colours. Last weekend I took a trip shopping and the weather was hurrendous, but I didn't fancy wearing a knitted hat or a practical coat with a hood so I chose to wear my fedora; stylish but kept my hair dry from the rain - perfect!! 

Alice xxx

January Beauty Favourites

These six products are the ones I have been reaching for pretty much every single day in January, they have certainly become the main part of my beauty routine every morning. It was a little tricky to whittle it down to just six products, I could have bombarded you will a million products but after putting a bit of thought into it, these have to be my absolutely favourites.

Next Just Pink Perfume -I previously owned this perfume many moons ago, but rediscovered it this Christmas thanks to my mum who bought me it as a present. It's a beautiful light floral, fresh scent something that I tend to go for a lot. The price is fantastic at only being £8 for the 30ml and is perfect for everyday wear.

L'Oreal Paris, Blusher & Bronzer Duo - I'm such a huge fan of bronzer, as I have very pale skin it adds that bit of much needed warmth - plus it has a mini highlight section too!!! Finding the correct shade is difficult when you have such pale skin as they can have too much of an orange undertone so could look a little grubby. It just blends beautifully!!

Rimmel French Manicure Nail Polish -  I don't normally wear clear or a very pale pink nail polish, I much prefer to wear beautiful pale shades or switch it up to gorgeous deep autumnal colours. You would never find me wearing a clear or a very pale pink shade, but this is 2016 and for some reason this has been my go to nail polish, plus it stops me from biting them too!!

I love how it brings that bit of shine and life to my nails, especially when you have grown and shaped them to actually look ok which really doesn't normally happen. 

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara - This is another Christmas present but has shot straight into my January favourites, I love it!!! For me a mascara has to add a lot of length and thickness to my lashes and this mascara just ticks all the boxes and it does not clump which is a bonus.

If you know me you will realise that I don't use just the one mascara, depending on my mood I mix it up and use a couple if not three different ones to try and get the best out of my barely there lashes. 

Kiko Unlimited Foundation - Yes, I have fallen in love with a foundation and have used this every single day since purchasing it in December. At the moment I am suffering with horrendous break outs, I could literally sit there and cry over my face right now, however this product is a life saver, being a thick consistency it tones down the redness really well and with a bit of primer underneath the coverage lasts all day!!

Benefit Browzings in Medium - I have to admit it, I do have a love-hate relationship with this brow product, as you have gathered from the name of this post I am loving it. I'm not really sure what is going on with my brows at the moment they are a little unruly, but this is product tames them extremely well. With a thin angled brush I use the wax section first, it helps to define the brows and shape them before adding the powder to add the colour. However the wax is fairly pigmented so you can get away with just using the wax on its own. 

I'd love to hear what your favourite products were in January and if any of these were included!!

Alice xxx