A Winter Wonderland

There's something about snow which makes everything seem so much more calming and peaceful than your usual every day life. We live in a world that is extremely fast paced where we forget to stop and look around us and think about what and who is in our life, so when a bit of white icy cold flakes fall to the floor to create a beautiful white blanket it somehow makes me reminisce and think.

If your not from the UK, then you wont know that it is not often that it snows in Britain, maybe once a year if we are lucky. What you also need to learn is that when it does snow, some of us turn into utter panic and chaos of how we cannot continue with our everyday lives - on occasions I have to put my hand for this one, mainly because the footpaths soon turn to ice and I don't like being unsteady on my feet.


For most of us adults it also brings out the inner child in us, I was jumping for joy when I opened my curtains this morning to see a white landscape and I may have done a little run around the flat getting excited about putting on my wellies to go out for a walk, how satisfying is it to feel the snow crunch under your feet?! Plus it makes very pretty pictures!!
Snow really inspires me, I just love how everyone seem happy steps outside with smiles on their faces, suddenly we are not couped up inside staring at the television, computers or video games

It is interesting to see what 'thing' in someones life makes them stop and think, for me it is snow. I'd love to hear what it is in the world that makes you look back and realise how lucky you are or what you would like to change.

Alice xxx

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