Sticking To My Resolution

When it comes to starting a New Year and the stroke of midnight on the 1st January comes around the first thing people always ask is; what is your New Years Resolution? Well normally I don't make one, what is the point when I never stick to it, the second week of January and I have completely failed - yeah I always want to live a healthier lifestyle but that can be done bit by bit, not go cold turkey.

This year I sat down and thought to myself what is it that I actually want to change with my life? The only thing I could think of was to enjoy myself more, I am far too busy living my life too seriously, yes we have to be cautious but we can also have fun along the way. I am 22 years old, I should be going out and having fun, experience things that I wouldn't normally do like go out to the countryside and visit the local sculpture park - hence why I am wearing wellies and stood in the middle of numerous fields.

I thought that it was the right time to write this blog post seen as we are in the final week of January and my resolution seems to have stuck fairly well, after all I did travel to Manchester on Saturday evening to spend the evening drinking ridiculously tasty cocktails to celebrate a friends birthday and then make sure I was back in Yorkshire to work on Sunday. This time last year I would have passed on the event and have been tucked up in bed by 9pm!!!

I would love to hear what your New Years Resolution is? Have you stuck to it still?

Alice xxx

A Winter Wonderland

There's something about snow which makes everything seem so much more calming and peaceful than your usual every day life. We live in a world that is extremely fast paced where we forget to stop and look around us and think about what and who is in our life, so when a bit of white icy cold flakes fall to the floor to create a beautiful white blanket it somehow makes me reminisce and think.

If your not from the UK, then you wont know that it is not often that it snows in Britain, maybe once a year if we are lucky. What you also need to learn is that when it does snow, some of us turn into utter panic and chaos of how we cannot continue with our everyday lives - on occasions I have to put my hand for this one, mainly because the footpaths soon turn to ice and I don't like being unsteady on my feet.


For most of us adults it also brings out the inner child in us, I was jumping for joy when I opened my curtains this morning to see a white landscape and I may have done a little run around the flat getting excited about putting on my wellies to go out for a walk, how satisfying is it to feel the snow crunch under your feet?! Plus it makes very pretty pictures!!
Snow really inspires me, I just love how everyone seem happy steps outside with smiles on their faces, suddenly we are not couped up inside staring at the television, computers or video games

It is interesting to see what 'thing' in someones life makes them stop and think, for me it is snow. I'd love to hear what it is in the world that makes you look back and realise how lucky you are or what you would like to change.

Alice xxx

My Everyday Beauty Look

*Major Cringe alert at the images*

I thought I would share with you my everyday beauty look, it is very natural and only take me around 10 minutes to create. When it comes to getting ready every morning for work, I don;t want to be spending a lot of time in front of the mirror creating different looks or using a ton of products, I'd rather allow myself that extra half hour in bed. Lets face it I'm only going to be sat at my desk staring at my laptop for eight hours straight and drinking an awful lot of tea.

If my schedule is slightly more exciting and have any interviews or meetings penciled in, then I tend to spend a little more time applying my make up and adding a couple more steps to the routine; eyeliner and bronzer for a more defined look. 

Products Used: 

Primer - Kiko City Filter Primer 
Foundation - Kiko Unlimited Foundation in Warm Rose 30
Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Shade 1 Fair 
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Warm Beige 
Bronzer - Benefit Hoola 
Blusher - Benefit Rockateur 
Mascara - Soap & Glory Thick and Fast HD Mascara 
Eyeliner - W7 Liquid Eyeliner

I hope you like this post, it is a little bit different from me, maybe I will be brave enough to create a few more this year. I'd love to hear what products you use in your everyday look.

Alice xxx

What I got in the Sales 2016

I'm not normally the one to find myself a good bargain in the Boxing Day sales, so fast forward three days after the 26th December, I certainly could not be in look of getting myself a sale find. But how wrong was I, a quick afternoon trip to Leeds City Centre and all my Christmas money had been spent, - within an hour as well.


River Island was the place to go for me, I picked up this beautiful sleeveless sheer monochrome shirt with slits in down each side, the print is absolutely gorgeous and is an ombré effect. As it had slits on either side it meant that I could size down, I believe it was around the £12 mark.

The other item I got was this khaki green shirt dress which is perfect to wear for work as it is a mix between smart and casual. I once again had to size down as it was enormous, so I bought it in a size 10. The tie around the waist is perfect to cinch you in at the waist to accentuate curves, however the more you wear it the baggier it does goes - but hey the comfier it gets. 


I was a little disappointed with the sale in Next this year, there didn't seem to be as much on the rails, however this could be down to the fact that the sales started a few days before Christmas. I cannot complain as I picked up three pretty amazing products, the first being these black chunky heeled ankle boots - and yes I do have an obsession! Stepping into the shoe lounge it was as though there was a light shining down on them, they were in my exact size so it was meant to be!

If you know me well you know that my next purchase is something that excites me a lot, hello to a brand new pair of sunglasses to add to my collection. Every girl needs to purchase a new pair to mark a new year, they were only a fiver too so I had to grab them.

Whilst we were queuing to pay I turned out to be one of them people sucked in with the products they put at the side of the queues, but when it turns out to be the cutest pink confetti nail polish priced at £2.50 in the sale, you really cannot say no.

Alice xxx

First Impressions - Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano is a beauty brand I have never tried before and one that I believe is fairly new to the UK. I have seen a few bloggers discuss this brand recently, one of them being Just Jodes so thought I should try it. Kiko would be in the market between drugstore and high end brands, it can be purse friendly but slightly more expensive than the likes of L'Oreal, Rimmel etc.

I always look at the Kiko store in town when I walk past, so this particular afternoon I decided to venture inside instead of heading to Boots as I needed to pick up some foundation and primer, plus they always have a sale or discount. I have been trialing them both for a couple of weeks now to see how I feel about them before I wrote this blog post as I didn't want to give you false hope or the wrong impression.

For some reason this foundation stood out to me over the others, one of the main reasons was that it has a pump for easy application. My overall impression is that I really like this product, I maybe should have gone for the lighter shade but it can be blended well so you don't get that foundation line around your jawline. It gives a great thick full coverage which is what I love from a foundation as I like to hide all of my imperfections, so if your not a fan of this then maybe it is not quite the right product for you.

At first it is more of an oil based liquid but when blended it thickens to a waxy texture very similar to the L'oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation. Once on, it sticks really well to the skin, even though it gives the full coverage, your face has the dewy look and you still feel that your skin can breathe which is fantastic and very beneficial. The foundation is a fantastic base for the rest of your products, they all seem blend extremely well - especially with blusher as it seems to have that extra pop of colour than usual.

The second product I picked up was this City Filter primer which has SPF 50, I feel this is important to look at when purchasing skincare and beauty products. You might not think you need to in winter but there are still a lot of UV rays which can have an affect on your skin in years to come.

At first I wasn't a fan of this product, it seemed very sticky and left your skin feeling tacky making the foundation very difficult to blend. I believe this is down to the fact that I had just washed my face so potentially there were a few water particles left on my skin, also, the primer is a sunscreen too.

However, I have soon come to like this product, I leave my face that little bit longer after doing my skincare routine before applying and there is no tackiness. You really do not need to apply a lot as a little really does go a very long way, which is great as it saves those pennies too.

I do believe that I have found a fantastic new beauty brand to continue to use and to try a few of their other products. Who knows there could be a few dupes or hidden gems on their shelves that we are not aware of. 

Alice xxx