The Longline Sleeveless Jacket

Hat - H&M, Top - River Island, Trousers - Primark, Waistcoat - Primark, Boots - Primark

I am slightly obsessed with long-line sleeveless jackets - technically they are a waistcoat right?!

They are extremely versatile and have become a major fashion statement in many wardrobes this autumn! I picked this one up in Primark a few months ago from the work section and it hardly dented my bank balance which is even better (it means I can add plenty more to my collection).

This particular jacket is fairly soft and loose fitting with two large pockets on the front, a lapel and a belt. If you are feeling a bit daring you could give it a whirl and wear it as a dress - expect a very low cut v and a lot of skin on show. I tend to wear it open with the tie fastening around the metal belt loops on each side - this cinches it in around my waistline showcasing my curves a little bit. Once we head further into winter and much colder weather you could wear it over the top of thick knitter jumpers.

I just love how one day you can wear it for work and the next day throw it on over a loose t-shirt and jeans.

Alice xxx