It's A Love Hate Relationship

There are a few beauty products in my collection that I have a funny relationship with, one minute I absolutely love them and they become part of my daily routine and the next minute I just don't like them and they are left at the back of my make-up stash.

I do love a primer, it is a great base between applying your face cream and foundation and it really does help your make-up stick. This particular primer Infallible Mattifying Base by L'Oreal Paris is a weird one for me and I am still indecisive if I like it or not. Yes your make-up stays on for pretty much the whole day but the consistency is something that doesn't always agree with my skin type. It is very, very oily but also fairly thick texture, it does mean that you do not need to apply much as it does go a long way,

Nonetheless you do have to leave it for a few minutes to let it settle before applying any foundation or concealer as it tends to slide back off your face. However, if you leave it too long your skin goes tacky making the foundation all uneven and blotchy. 

Despite this, it is THE primer to use when teaming it with the Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation by L'Oreal Paris. They are a match made in heaven, it is the perfect combination of an oily base to help the thick waxy consistency of the foundation to glide and stick to the face. (Maybe they are just made for each other and not to be used with other products)

When I first purchased this foundation I instantly fell in love and thought I had found the one, it seemed to be the perfect shade to match my complexion as this is something I struggle with when picking a foundation. But yes you guessed it, I suddenly found a few faults with it and haven't reached for it in quite a while.

The waxy consistency gives me the shivers - yes I know, a rubbish excuse! Once fully applied it gives an even thick coverage which is perfect but there seems to be a top layer to it which comes off at the slightest touch which is very annoying, maybe a fixing spray could stop this from happening.

I would not advise you to purchase if you are prone to dry skin it could lead to a patchy base as the foundation seems to stick to the troubled areas extremely well. 

Revolution has become a very trusty brand for me, everything about it is perfect, all products are extremely purse friendly and are such great quality. This Redemption Palette - Romantic Smoked is beautiful, the shades are absolutely gorgeous and very autumnal and girly which will create so many fantastic looks for any occasion.

Unfortunately the six matte shades have a cool undertone and as I have very pale skin it makes me look a little ill which is very disappointing. The first six shades are the reason I keep coming back to this particular palette, they are much more shimmery and warmer with brown undertones which suits my pale complexion very well.

Well what can I say about these final products, I love Benefit they are a fantastic brand and one I will continue to rely on into the future. Unfortunately I have such a love, hate relationship with both these products.

Firstly, they're Real push up liner  got me very excited when it was launched, I will admit the fact that I am absolutely rubbish at creating a winged liner no matter how much I practiced. So this liner with the angled point was set to become my best friend, however I cannot seem to get it to work properly.

Each time I come to use the liner I have to remove so much product before it will draw even the fainest line or mark onto my eyelids, but still seems to break up and crumble away. I'm not sure if it is me using it wrong or I have just got a faulty product.

Finally, moving onto the they're Real mascara, I do love this product on the whole, it creates a lot of length to my lashes and separates them very well, however it seemed to have dried out extremely quick, I don't think I had it for very long before I needed to throw it away which is a shame as it is not the cheapest product to buy.

As you can see from the name to this post, I don't hate these products, they all have fantastic qualities and I know I will pick them up once again and maybe re-purchase a few times in the future.

Do you suffer with a love-hate relationship with any products?

Alice xx


  1. I have the They're Real liner and it really disappointed me. I find it really wasteful of product and it crummbles for me too, I think it's just the formula! Disappointing as it's so expensive and I had such high hopes for it but now it just sits in a draw forgotten about. xx

    Kimberley //

    1. I am so pleased that I am not the only one who thinks that with this product. X