The Fox Jumper

I love going into supermarkets and having a nosey around the clothing section, I could spend hours on end wandering up and down the isles deliberating on what I can justify buying. I do find myself putting some items of food back on the shelf just because I saw a cute top or dress that I wanted.

There are some great hidden gems on the rails, you might have to search a little bit harder than what you would do in high street stores but it is well worth it, especially when you find an item of clothing like this fox jumper.

I'm not usually one for bold designs but there was something about this jumper that drew me in, everything about it is perfect; the colour, the print of the cute foxes - which both scream Autumn. The shape, quality is just spot on, however I do find that it goes a little bit baggy after a few hours so definitely size down if you are to get one.

I paired it with my suede black skirt and light blue coat from New Look and my knee high boots from Dorothy Perkins.

Alice xx

Glamping Adventure

A few weeks ago, me and my boyfriend went on a few days break to get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and to celebrate our anniversary.  We wanted to do something completely different than what we were used to, so what was better than disappearing for a few days glamping in a Teepee in the middle of the countryside - perfect to unwind and relax.

When we arrived at our destination 'The Camp Hill Estate', we had to drive down a little winding road in-between fields to reach the glamping field, we soon discovered that cars were not allowed near the field making it much more peaceful - but also harder to carry all my bags I had packed from the car to the teepee (we were only there for two nights!)

There was only one Teepee in the field which made it easier to find in the night, it has a small bbq pod, a camp fire made from an old drum from inside a washing machine, a picnic bench and a few lanterns.

Once we stepped inside, we soon discovered that it was like the Tardis, so much bigger than what it looked on the outside. There were two three- quarter length beds, a gas fire and a lot of candles (With extra provided to last your stay - super cute and cosy!!

 The first night proved to be a little disastrous, we failed making the campfire and it took about an hour to get the bbq ready to start cooking food, which meant we ate in the pitch black. That's what happens when you take two people who love their luxuries out of their comfort zone.

However waking up to complete silence, fields, trees and nature made everything worth while. We spent the two days walking around the grounds of the estate, it was absolutely beautiful and perfect to snap some outfit posts which you will see on the blog very soon. One of the mornings we may have stayed in bed until midday reading magazines with the fire on eating chocolate biscuits for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

I would definitely recommend this place to anybody, it's the perfect getaway to relax. If you are an adventurous person you can book quad biking, segways or go on their aerial extreme adventure ropes course, or their are plenty surrounding areas to go bike riding or long walks. I'd love to now experience glamping in the summer months with friends and family - maybe that's one thing to add to the calendar for 2016.
Alice x

A Fresh Outlook

Hello everyone - wow it feels so weird to be writing on here again - I am back to blogging ways after taking pretty much a year off - it feels like a lifetime. It was not intentional in any way, but when blogging is a hobby your own personal commitments can and do stand in the way.

Back in November 2014 I found myself being offered my dream job and from there my whole life changed in the blink of an eye, all good I promise. I made the very difficult decision to put my blog on the back burner for a little while, as much as I was loving my day to day life of blogging, I wanted to put my focus and enthusiasm into my job.

Looking back at my decision, I still to this day believe it was the best thing I ever did to put a hold on blogging - there are no regrets. I was proud of my creation however I didn't have that buzz (yes I have really used this word), it still lacked the sparkle I had visualised throughout the process. In many ways I have to admit that I found it extremely hard to represent my personality, hours on end were spent reading so many fantastic blogs and comparing my own to them and feeling like my content had taken about 10000 steps behind. Everyone's creations grows in various ways and some much faster than others, I felt beaten and had lost my identity!

My time away has helped me grow and I am a completely different person than what I was a year ago, so many exciting things have happened; I got my dream job, I bought my first car and I moved into my own place :)

Now it is time to get myself back into my hobby that is blogging. It is a fresh start, I have a new name 'Little-Talks' and soon I will have a brand new look - but that is still in the process!! I'm afraid you are going to have to wait a bit longer for that.

Enough of me babbling on, I am so happy to be back in the amazing community of the blogging world and I am so excited for what Little Talks has in store for you.

Alice x